Forking Dining with Dogs at Leo’s Island BBQ Peoria AZ November 2015


We recently went to Leo’s Island BBQ in Peoria AZ. Leo’s Island BBQ is located in the Arrowhead Shopping area across the street from the mall. This is one of the only locally owned restaurants in the immediate area. This is a small fast casual restaurant that serves up the Hawaiian Plate lunch. You have around forking thirty choices to pick from with the average price running around $8.00 a plate. The styrofoam packages are filled with enormous amounts of meat that rest on some steamed vegetables (mostly cabbage), a double scoop of rice, creamy macaroni salad.

Me and my dogs had the Chicken and Rib Combo Plate.



“I’m just sweet and I wait my turn.”


“Good choice, we can forking eat till we burst.” “This place is forking great.”

"The closer you are to the food the forking more you get!"

“That other dog is cute but doesn’t know that the closer you are to the food the forking more ¬†food you forking get!”

I got two short ribs, TONS of crispy breaded white meat chicken and TONS of boneless dark meat bbq chicken. Everything tasted fresh and all the was tender and tasty. This is all fresh made food. The sauces are prepared in house and the chicken is natural chicken. The macaroni salad is very creamy and a little dap of Korean hot sauce makes it very tasty.

Both dogs were very happy. Even with my two helpers and my husband helping himself to some this meal is still to massive to finish.

My husband got the Spam Loco Moco.


It was maybe a half dozen slices of grilled spam topped with two fried eggs and lots of gravy.

Go to Leo’s Island BBQ and bring your appetite and wear loose jeans.

For more information on Leo’s Island BBQ

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


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