The FORKING Weirdest Radish I’ve ever Forking Seen WTF is That?


Look at these things!

Don’t they forking look like female bottoms?

They are Forking Radishes!

Here’s some forking things I read about radishes………..

Did you forking know that radishes are members of the mustard or cabbage family?

It’s said that radishes help with stomach aches and forking hiccups.

On December 23rd in Oaxaca Mexico is “The Night of the RADISH.” Displays of the Nativity are done in forking radishes.

In Beatrix Potter’s Book Peter Rabbit ate a radish.

Some Radishes grow up to THREE FEET Long and Weigh up to a HUNDRED POUNDS!


I know radishes come in many shapes, colors and sizes but I’ve never seen them looks like forking butts before.

I saw these radishes at the Asian Market. The sign above them young radishes. The forking truth is that they felt squishy and old so I didn’t purchase any.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


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