Forking Dining with Dogs at Cucina Tagliani Glendale AZ December 2015

On the way to Cucina Tagliani

On the way to Cucina Tagliani

Our adventure starts with a fun car ride and the cute three year old on the left starts crying she is so happy when she sees the parking lot because she anticipates some yummy food and fun. The 14 and 1/2 year old is still feeling fine and living life despite his condition of cancer.

We visit this restaurant often because of the location, the budget pricing, the friendly staff,  great service, the dog friendly patio and the tasty food. One of the things that makes this budget American Italian Restaurant better than the others are all the vegetable selections they offer. I like that you can also substitute spaghetti squash for pasta in most dishes. They also offer a few heathy seafood dishes with very reasonable pricing.

We pick a comfortable table and the Cucina Tagliani Staff is quick to bring the dogs water and  the table a hot basket of garlic toast.


We order big happy hour priced glasses of wine and then decide on dinner.

I picked a dinner I haven’t had before at Cucina Tagliani, it was the Chicken Piccata.


I had it over spaghetti squash instead of pasta and it was pretty darn tasty and not too heavy. The white meat chicken was moist and flavorful. I liked the fresh basil in this dish and the bright lemon flavor in the sauce. My buddies thought the chicken was good too.


My husband had the Papa’s Special. It’s enough forking food to feed a small family. It’s two spinach manicotti’s, veal parmigiana, and a full size sausage lasagna bubbling with molten cheese.


"He he I'm close to the good stuff"

“Tee he I’m close to the good stuff”


“HEY! Your NOT going to eat all that Forking Food without me.”


“Much Better Now” Veal is so tender and forking tasty.”


“My other favorite is the Sausage Lasagna…I could Forking eat that any day.”


I forking love coming here. It’s the best!

The nice folks at Cucina Tagliani sent us a coupon for complimentary dessert so we had a piece of chocolate marscapone cake.


It was moist and chocolatey and not too sweet. It’s one of the best chocolate cakes I had out!

20% off Gift Cards are available for purchase at Costco. Cucina Tagliani also offers a dining card that periodically gives you extra discounts and offers via email.

Cucina Tagliani is worth a fork if you are in the area.

Your not going to drive across town to dine here but if your in the neighborhood this place is suggested.

Your not going to drive across town to dine here but if your in the neighborhood this place is suggested.

For most information on Cucina Tagliani visit

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

"We got to go to Leo's BBQ again too!"

“We got to go to Leo’s Island BBQ again in December too!” “We ate crispy grilled maui maui fish and some BBQ.”


“Hopefully we will go to more forking places to eat in 2016.”


“2015 was a good year. I wonder where we’re going to forking eat next?”


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