Dining with Dogs January 2016 Phoenix AZ


This was winter time for Phoenix Arizona. The temperature goes down to 55 degrees F during the day sometimes and sometimes it’s too cold to eat out. No worries that’s only a few days a year. Haha!

These aren’t full blown reviews of the restaurants. This is just a “FLUFF” story of taking the dogs out to eat in January 2016.

Remember although most restaurants in the metro Phoenix area have patios not all patios are dog friendly. Also remember to keep your dog(s) by your side and don’t let them eat from the serving ware or sit on the chairs. It’s also a  good idea to also review the, “What Not To Feed Dog List” so you are aware of foods that can cause harm to your furry loved ones. Many of the foods you eat are NOT safe for a dog to eat.

We went back to Angelina’s Pho and Grill in Phoenix AZ. The menu has changed again from only one month back! We started with a roll of seared tuna, mango and green tea noodles.


The roll is fresh, tasty and unique but its not exactly dog friendly.

"What the fork am I suppose to eat here?"

“What the fork am I suppose to eat here?”

Soon our dinners arrive.

I receive  spicy lemongrass chicken


It’s delicious with developed with flavors, moist, dark meat chicken.

My husband receives his black pepper pork.


He thinks is very flavorful and tasty. Dogs get to nibble some.


We all left here happy like we usually do. It doesn’t cost much to eat here and the food is prepared deliciously. It’s a unique place and a neighborhood gem.

I’m a little ashamed to admit this but on this day on the weekend it was too cold for me to eat lunch out but we wanted to take the dogs out anyway. I think it was a chilly 55 degrees F and we took the dogs threw a Carl’s Jr. drive threw.

Dogs at Carl's Jr.

Dogs at Carl’s Jr.

I didn’t eat anything from Carl’s Jr. but I fed some cheese burger (no sauce and no top bun) to each of the dogs. The burger had a cooked baby food appearance and felt a little dry. Cheese had a plastic like texture. The dogs thought it was tasty.

We also went back to Cucina Tagliani in Glendale AZ. The three year old gets so happy when I tell her we are going there she starts crying.



I didn’t have any but my husband started with some happy hour meatball sliders.  He said the onion rings were a nice touch and were tasty in the sandwich. I noticed that the sliders look different this time and are 1/2 meatballs instead of whole meatballs like last time. My husband told me the meatballs were made with chopped onions instead of onion powder like before. He said they were good meatballs.

I'm forking waiting for something to eat!

I’m forking waiting for something to eat!

I get the chicken piccata over spaghetti squash again. Flavors are good and the chicken again is moist and tender.


I got plenty and shared some with both my buddies.


My husband had the veal parmesan. The dogs and him thought it was tasty.

Off to Bushfire Taco & Tapa in Peoria AZ

Off to Brushfire Taco & Tapa in Peoria AZ

Near the end of the month we decided to try Brushfire Taco & Tapa in Peoria AZ.

This little hut of a restaurant only has outdoor seating. We share most of the tacos they offer and they came with all kinds of sides, sauces, chips and a Tapa  appetizer, (a chicken empanada). Most of the food wasn’t very dog friendly but I found a few pieces here and there I could give them.


“WTFork am I suppose to eat here?”


We shared beef, chicken, fish and vegetable tacos. My favorite was the vegetable taco because it had the most flavors and textures. The chicken and beef weren’t developed with flavor. I tried some house slaw.


It was fresh and crisp with a greenish color.  The slaw had a tangy oniony flavor.


My husband picked the beans.


“Oooooooooh those beans are wet looking and look like beans in a forking cup of water with a little cheese thrown in.”


“It was nice that our humans forking took us out but we didn’t do the best at Brushfire.”

The dogs got to eat at several restaurants in January 2016. Winter in Phoenix is over already as it up to 75 degrees F during the day now. Hopefully the dogs will get to eat out a few times in February before it gets too Forking hot.

That was Dining with Dogs January 2016.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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