My Forking Review of the Microplane Spiral Cutter – Doesn’t Make the Cut



I came across the Microplane Spiral Cutter at HomeGoods for about $10.00. It sells on line for about $15.00 and it’s an interesting color of green. It’s small and doesn’t take up much room if you want to keep it to give to someone you don’t like.

I thought Microplane was a trustworthy brand so I took a chance on this one because the Paderno and KitchenAid Spiral Cutters BOTH don’t spiral cut carrots.


It promises to make spiral cuts and ribbons and shows attractive carrot ribbons on the box.


This is all you forking get when you insert a carrot and do a few inches of twisting.


The FORKING TRUTH is that you get little uneven broken shreds that aren’t ribbons and a big waste of carrot that looks like a tiny skinny forking penis-


that leaves you unsatisfied and longing for more.

Not only will the Microplane Spiral Cutter put a cramp in your style it will also put a forking cramp in your hand. It doesn’t fit well in your hand and your hand quickly gets a cramp.


The Microplane Spiral Cutter is hard to clean.

Little pieces of carrot doesn’t come out of the sharp blades and it stains easily and looks like a dirty toilet bowl after only a few twists of use. This photo was taken after scrubbing. Even after a ride in the dishwasher it looks the same.

"Looks like a Forking Stained Toilet Bowl"

“Looks like a Forking Stained Toilet Bowl”

This small hand held tool is money down the toilet if you keep it.


Like I said…….



Back to HomeGoods and I’m getting my $10.00 back even if I can’t get the all the forking carrot or the carrot stain out.

The Forking Truth is that the Microplane Spiral Cutter does NOT make carrot ribbons as promised so for me The Microplane Spiral Cutter is NOT WORTH A FORK!

NOT Worth a FORK!

NOT Worth a FORK!

The Microplane Spiral Cutter Doesn’t Make the Cut!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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