My Forking Review of Strawberry Shortcake M&M’s


Strawberry Shortcake M&M’s are special edition M&M’s that are only sold at Target Stores. These M&M’s have a white filling that is suppose to taste like strawberry shortcake. The M&M candy shells are colors of pink, cream and white. The Bag of strawberry shortcake M&M’s comes in is a pastel pink color and features the Green M&M on the bag holding a tasty looking strawberry shortcake on a plate.

I thought I might like these M&M’s for two reasons.

One- I like strawberry shortcake and…….

Two – last month Walmart sold some sort of special edition chocolate covered strawberry flavor M&M’s that were good and seemed natural tasting.

The FORKING Truth is that these Strawberry Shortcake M&M’s to me taste exactly like strawberry artificial drink mix that is blended with vegetable shortening and covered with that sugar shell.

These M&M’s to me seem like a FORKING GLOB of vegetable fat that’s chemically flavored with something that reminds me of strawberry. After trying to let the candy melt in my mouth it now feels all greased up like I was forking sucking on vegetable shortening. These M&M’s don’t melt in the mouth….

The strawberry shortcake M&M’s are among my least favorite M&m’s that I have ¬†ever tried. The flavor for me is too artificial and the greasy non-melting texture I find stomach turning. I’ve tried other flavors of white chocolate M&M’s before that didn’t seem greasy to me so the greasiness of the strawberry shortcake flavor was very unexpected.

Your opinion may differ from mine but to me these strawberry shortcake M&M’s are forking gross and this bag of M&M’s is now in the trash.

NOT Worth a FORK!

NOT Worth a FORK!

My mouth is still forking greasy.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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