New Different and Weird Food Out There May 2016


There is always something “new” “WIERD or “different” out there and I never know WTFork I’ll see. Here are Popchips. They aren’t new but I never seen them in these flavors all in Star Wars packaging.


Organic Sprouted Khorasan Flour sounds very healthy and is new to me.


Don’t remember coming across Black Edamame before?


Cooking Light is a popular American Magazine. Since when do magazines make frozen food?


Jack Daniel’s makes more than Whiskey.


A Mayonnaise like product by the Mayonnaise people ???

It says at the forking bottom of the bottle “Carefully Crafted” does that mean their other products are just “forking slapped together?”


Frozen white bread with hazelnut chocolate spread. Just grab from your freezer and wait for it to thaw. For when your too tired to put forking spread on a sandwich yourself.


Caramelized Onion and Bacon Ketchup might have some appeal to some people but how can they say it has bacon in it when it doesn’t????? (It’s very hard to see but if you look above the “P” in Ketchup you will see a U in a circle that means no pork so that means no bacon)


Salsa flavored Almonds seems weird darn weird to me….wtfork am I suppose to do with this? Put them on my tacos?

The item is with the food so I thought it fits right the fork in.


Crest one of the leading manufacturers of Tooth Paste in America makes a Be Adventurous line of tooth paste. This flavor is Chocolate Trek.


Black Truffle Chips that actually have mushrooms and truffle in them. (insert angels singing)


Popped Bean Chips? Didn’t forking know that you could pop a bean?


Chocolate Covered Jelly Bananas….?

This one sounds weird to me.


Candy called Hamburger  Speck???? Not sure what that means? Does it look like Speck Ham? Is it flavored like forking hamburgers?


Artichoke and Quinoa Dip sounds pretty weird…. Artichoke Piquillo Hummus Dip is new to me…


And there’s always new forking Oreo Cookies for you (not me). Here’s S’mores with artificial Graham.

Here’s the New, Weird, Different and Limited Edition Foods I forking saw Recently. There is always something new, weird or different out there. I never know WTFork I’ll see when I’m out there.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


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