Forking Dining with Dogs April 2016 with Special Edition Dog Safety News

Where're on our way to Bahn Mi Bistro in Phoenix AZ

Where’re on our way to Bahn Mi Bistro in Phoenix AZ I’ll have to have a chat with the youngster about something  forking important.

Dining with DOGS is not full blown reviews on restaurants. This is a fluff story about taking my dogs out to eat.

Many restaurants around Phoenix have outdoor patios but not all patios are dog friendly. I also recently found out that some restaurants start out dog friendly and suddenly change and are not dog friendly any longer….so it’s a good idea to call the restaurant before you arrive with your furry friend..There are some rules with dining with dogs.

1-Dogs must not sit on chairs or eat off the restaurant’s plates and you must keep your dog near you.

2-Most of the food you eat isn’t safe for dogs to eat and can do harm to a dog. You must review a dog-food-friendly-list that is easily found online or from your veterinarian.


We went back to a local favorite Bahn Mi Bistro. This is a small casual Vietnamese Eatery that doesn’t serve Pho. The specialty of the house might be the Bahn Mi Sandwich. The rolls for the sandwich are Vietnamese Style Baguettes. They are made with rice flour in addition to wheat flour and have a crunchy exterior and a soft center. The inside is filled with cucumber, cilantro, pickled carrot & daikon radish, jalapeño, house made aioli and your choice of about a half dozen fillings.

BBQ Pork Banh Mi

BBQ Pork Banh Mi

My husband had the BBQ Pork Banh Mi. I enjoy the banh mi sandwiches because they have that savory, sour, sweet and spicy thing going on and are also a much lighter easier to eat sandwich because of the light rice flour bread.

This is the second time I ordered the chicken and rice plate.


This is a newer item on the  Banh Mi Bistro menu. It’s just so tasty. The dark meat chicken is caramelized and so tender and so flavorful with lemongrass. It’s just delicious. The salad is light and crunchy and nicely seasoned.


Some of the other items you can get at Banh Mi Vietnamese  Eatery are-Lotus Root Salad, Green Papaya Salad, Pot Stickers and Noodle Bowls.

For More information on Banh Mi Vietnamese Eatery please visit

We noticed in the parking lot that LaMar’s Donuts are in the same lot with an outdoor patio so we walk across the lot and I purchased two donuts.


The dogs decided that the donuts smell good.


So they get to forking eat some donuts. LaMar’s Donuts have 27 locations in 6 states For more information on LaMar’s Donuts please visit

We're on the way to AJ's Patio but had to leave and Went to Leo's Island BBQ

We’re on the way to AJ’s Patio but had to leave and Went to Leo’s Island BBQ

AJ’s Fine Foods Outside BBQ in Glendale AZ Patio has been closed for winter and recently re-opened so we were planning on dining there but to our surprise they weren’t ready to open yet and were running late. So we’ll go back another day and re-routed ourselves to Leo’s Island BBQ. It’s one of the few non-chain restaurants in the area that specializes in the Hawaiian Plate Lunch. They offer around thirty choices that come with steamed vegetables, a double scoop of rice and macaroni salad for around $8.00 served in a styrofoam container.


We sat at a table in the shade and my husband got the Spam Loco Moto that’s two eggs, slices of Spam, over steamed cabbage, two scoops of rice and some creamy macaroni salad.

I went non plate lunch and got the Island BBQ Chicken Salad. It was somewhere around $6.00 and is much better than any fast food you can get anywhere.



The Dogs enjoyed the chicken very much.




For more information on Leo’s Island BBQ in Peoria AZ Please visit

The following week with filled with…rare …for…. Phoenix… rain so we just took the dogs through the fast food Jack in the Box drive through.

"What are they giving us through the window?"

“What are they giving us through the window?”

They weren’t very enthusiastic about the new butter burger. I reckon that some humans might be less picky.  I won’t get that for them again.

We are on our way to SEE FOOD at Oscar's Pier 83 in Glendale AZ

We are on our way to SEE FOOD at Oscar’s Pier 83 in Glendale AZ

Oscar’s Pier 83 is a small casual seafood restaurant that specializes in fried fish. You order at the counter and someone runs the food to you.


I had the combo with cod and salmon and picked mixed vegetables as my side. My husband also ordered salads for us.


Both dogs thought the fish was very tasty.



The fish was nicely battered and seemed oil free. Both fish seemed fresh tasting.

My husband ordered the Cod and Shrimp Combo with fries.


It seems very small compared to my Cod and Salmon Combo…????

The dogs didn’t get any of that.

For more information on Oscar’s Pier 83 in Glendale AZ please visit


“I hate to tell you this Kiddo but someday this back seat is going to be all yours.” In a few days I’ll be fifteen years old.” “The Doc says that I have some sort of doggy Alzheimers.” “You know like when I bark to myself sometimes and I’m good now but back in September they gave me six months to a year because of the cancer.”” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going anywhere yet!”  “Maybe I’ll fool them all.””I still have a FORKING Bunch of Eating to do!


“I’m going to forking see you next month!”

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

*************Dining with Dogs EXTRA****************

I recently purchased a cute dog toy from Big Lots and it a Licensed Mr. Bubble Stuffed Doll that made bubble noises when you squeezed it. They sell many licensed cute Dog Toys that have Voice Boxes. Other Toys I saw were Gumby, Rocky and Bullwinkle. I’m certain there’s more. DON’T BUY THIS KIND OF TOY FOR YOUR DOG!


My dog bit a small hole in the toy and small watch batteries fell out. I am so lucky she didn’t swallow a battery. But another dog might not be so lucky. Don’t purchase this kind of toy for a dog. It’s not safe. I contacted the store where I purchased this toy and asked them not to sell this toy because of what happened. They told me that they will sell the toy with a warning.

Forking Truth

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