Have you Tried Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa AZ?


Organ Stop Pizza is an attraction in Mesa Arizona that houses one of or the biggest Wurlitzer Organs in the world.


The organ and music playing is the main attraction that’s included when you come in for dinner. ¬†They even provide request cards so you might hear your special song or have Happy Birthday Played for someone special.

Dinner is budget priced and family friendly. You pick from pizzas, salad bar or pasta. They also have an ice-cream stand too.


The Salad Bar

The Salad Bar

You order at the counter…………

Grade "A" Health Inspection

Grade “A” Health Inspection

pay, get your drink and silverware, seat yourself and look to a giant board on the wall for your number to show up.

We made salads at the salad bar to go with dinner.

Everything was crisp and fresh. My salad was similar to a salad I might make at a budget steakhouse salad bar. The only real difference is that everything was fresh. It was kind of fun to sample potato salad, macaroni salad and cole slaw. The salads lacked a house made taste but they tasted very fresh.


At Organ Stop Pizza is plenty of seating. Downstairs is seating for around FIVE HUNDRED PEOPLE on benches and it’s very loud. Upstairs is seating for around two hundred people and isn’t as noisy. All over the restaurant you will see plenty of family party celebrations. You will also see children laughing, singing and dancing along with the organ music.

Our pizzas came.


These pizzas have thin crisp crusts that are coated in cornmeal or semolina flour. The cheese is melted and ok. The sauce could use some flavor because it reminds me of frozen pizza from the super market.

I watch the organ music.


The organ rises swirling up from the floor. It’s loud and powerful. It is in many pieces all around the restaurant. You see drums, tinkering things, all kinds of pipes everywhere. There is a piano hooked up, something else that loos like a piano but makes a different sound maybe it was a harpsichord and a whole lot of horns.



Glass panels open and close to the music. There is so much around that didn’t photo well for me. It’s all this plus 10x more.

The fist tune I heard from the mighty organ was the theme from Star Wars. Next was the Star Trek Theme. Patriotic American March Songs were next and were followed by a bunch of Disney Theme Tunes.

If you get board from organ music you can wander off to the arcade and play some games. They have a small gift store too filled with lots of stuffed animals and recorded music of the organ playing.

We had a fun time here. This place should be on everyone’s Metro Phoenix Bucket List.


Have you tried Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa Arizona Yet?

Your most likely not going to drive across town to dine here but if your in the neighborhood this place is suggested.

Your most likely not going to drive across town for the food here but if your in the neighborhood you should enjoy the show!

For more information on Organ Stop Pizza please visit www.OrganStopPizza.com

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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