WTFork is that?…….The Green Fuzzy Almond

Green Almonds

Green Almonds

Green almonds are only available for about eight weeks in the spring and are considered to be a delicacy and or a treat.. Green Almonds are actually just young almonds and have a fuzzy texture like the peach or apricot that the fruit is related to.

The Green Almond is popular in the Mediterranean and the Mid-East where it is eaten while raw whole and salted. The Green Almond can be shaved raw on a salad or served cooked. For some people the Green Almond is an acquired taste.

I decide to try my first Green Almond. I decide I’ll try just the kernel or nut part first.

I run a knife threw it the same way as a peach or avocado.


I peal out the seed part.


It’s like an undeveloped watermelon seed but puffier.

I try it and it doesn’t have much of a taste but it burst like liquid in the mouth with a very slight bitterness.

This is how it looks when you cut it open.


I tried another one and add a little salt and then it taste slightly better.

I try the outside raw with a little salt since most people eat it.

Raw the fuzzy outside is too bitter for me.

Perhaps it’s better cooked?

I don’t go nuts for the Fuzzy Green Almond but now I know WTFork a Fuzzy Green Almond is.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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