New Different and Weird Food Out There June 2016


There is always something “new” “weird” or “different” out there. I never know what I’ll come across when I enter a store.  I saw something that I thought was new and unusual, it was called Milk Magic. This looked like clear straws that contain flavored candy balls to change the flavor of milk. I think that’s weird but maybe if I was still a child maybe I would like it?


Vlasic is a well known American Pickle Company. This jar is called BOLD Sriracha Topper. It’s broken pickles a jar mixed with Sriracha? -Different and New!


Quinoa Chips that are Sriracha Flavored.


And if your not into Quinoa you can forking have Lentil Chips that are Sriracha Flavored!


If your not into Sriracha Flavored Chips they also make a strange combination of Hummus Tomato Basil….This combo sounds forked up to me……


Holy Moly how could we have survived without Maple Bacon laced Cashews.


Minion Pure Growth Sea Salt Pretzels are new.


Never heard of Caciotta Cheese. It’s from Italy with Italian Chili Peppers. Now that’s different and new to me.


Sriracha Ranch Dressing….This should not surprise anyone. Sriracha is the new everything here.


Move the fork over Sriracha. The Reign of Gochujang has just began.


Popped Rice Cluster snacks by Soy Vay……These sound tasty but it’s only a handful of food in the bag for $3.99…..oy vey!


Panera Bread Dressing. This surprises me. Panera Bread is a budget restaurant chain that makes fresh baked bread. Why don’t I see Panera Bread for sale instead of Panera salad dressing.


Not a bad snack but it’s for people too stupid to pack up their own food. A month’s worth of pretzels that size and mustard would cost around $5.00 if you pack it yourself or you can be stupid and spend around $22.00 for them to pack it. I hate when companies make this sort of thing. People spend more money than they need to and It makes so much more trash than this world needs.


Spicy Guacamole Potato chips are different…sort of


Mac N Cheezy filled Pasta that looks like sea rays. Now that is kind of weird and different but fun! They look like they might taste good in tomato soup?


Everybody else in the whole wide world is doing Key Lime Pie and Oreo’s finally put out their forking spin on it.


Chewy pumpkin mango might be a treat but here it is for DOGS! I think that is forking weird….

I know this dog.


Would never forking eat a mango.

Almost everyone likes chocolate.


How about Chocolate with forking EDAMAME in it? I would never think of putting edamame in my forking chocolate. That one is Forking Weird!


Orange, chocolate and Beet Cookies….?…..They sound sort of healthy…..don’t know if they can taste good.


Apple Banana sauce sounds fun but why the forking minions on the box?


Who the fork would dream up apple zucchini yogurt for a baby? Sounds like punishment to me. I would never want to eat apple zucchini yogurt or even feel like afflicting someone with it.

There is always something New, Weird or Different out there. I never know WTFork I’ll come across next.

 The Forking Truth!

The Forking Truth!

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