New Different and WIERD Food Out There July 2016




There is ALWAYS something New, Different or WEIRD out there. I never know what I’ll see when I hit the stores. Here is some WOWBUTTER. If you look at the label you can read it says it’s safe to bring to school. It’s forking sad that children aren’t allowed to bring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to school anymore and have to bring a fake peanut butter like product. This jar of WOWBUTTER is really forking soybean butter. I love peanut butter. I also really enjoyed it as a child. I don’t think any children I went to school with had peanut allergies back then. I don’t know why children are allergic to peanuts these days…


Thomas English Muffins in Blueberry are new! Says that on the package! That’s a good flavor for a muffin. Why didn’t they think of that before? I also noticed Banana Bread Flavored Limited Edition Muffins below.


Frozen Fried Ice Cream…Isn’t the point of Fried Ice Cream to taste it just fried? You don’t want it fried and frozen again. This one is forked up. Sorry Koger not well thought out.


Key Lime is everywhere these days. Key Lime is getting up there with Sriracha flavored things. Here are Key Lime Ice Cream Sandwiches. I might forking buy these some day. They look scrumptious.


More Key Lime that promise to be cooler than ever?????


Hummus ingredients to add to beans


Triscuit Crackers are now forking Sriracha Flavored


I never thought I would ever come across Vegetarian Squid Balls


I also never dreamed I’d ever come across Mexican Pastrami……Oy…Carumba


Eggplant, spinach, carrot and lemon Puree..?WTFork do you do with that…Squirt it on your plate? Gee if I give them out on Halloween I might come into harms way.


More forking vegetable puree. This one is Pureed Zucchini, tomato, roasted red peppers. Maybe this is food for toothless people or unfortunate people that were involved in car accidents. I just don’t forking know.


Never seen striped bell peppers before. They are so beautiful.


If Oreo can’t come up with a new flavor they just put an old flavor in a new shape.

WTFork is this thing below?????


Forking Cotton Candy Blue Balls in a Jar?

Sweet and Crunchy BLUE BALLS in a jar?

WTFork is that?

That's Forked up!

That’s Forked up!

Well that’s some some of the New Weird and Different Foods I saw out there. I never know WTFork I’ll see next.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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