People in Metro Phoenix AZ are too Forking LAZY to Return Shopping Carts


It doesn’t surprise me that People in Metro Phoenix AZ are too Forking Lazy to Return Shopping Carts. Travel and Leisure Magazine listed PHOENIX AZ as the second RUDIST City in the U.S. I see examples of this almost every day. Besides people who don’t return shopping carts I notice car drivers don’t slow when they see pedestrians instead they speed up. Not all but some bicyclist use the sidewalks also not slowing or stopping for pedestrians instead of using bike lanes like they should. Everyday I have to jump off a sidewalk when I’m with my dog. NOT ALL!…. but many people in Phoenix really are rude! I don’t know why but I think it’s the heat that makes people different here. You also sure don’t hear the beautiful warbling of birds here like you hear back east maybe because even the birds are cranky and just squawk. I guess people are the same. People in Arizona are rude and maybe cranky too.

My least favorite thing about shopping is parking. Where can I park where someone won’t plant a forking shopping cart by my car? Every forking time I go grocery shopping or to a store I see someone too lazy to return a shopping cart. I understand that for the elderly or handicapped it might be too straining to return a cart but that is only a small percentage of people….UNLESS I’m at Trader Joes…yikes it’s chalk full of Sun City Seniors….but honestly I haven’t noticed much of a cart return problem at Trader Joe’s….Just every where else…ummm.


This forking “CART-HOLE” …. my term for people too lazy to return shopping carts…… is only steps away from a cart return and still left the forking cart by my car. (the white signs in photo are cart returns)


Here is were a BUNCH of people got the same forking idea to avoid the cart return that is only a few spots down.


The laziness of Cart-Holes in metro Phoenix AZ is polarizing. I’d be ashamed to leave a shopping cart like that. What happened to do on to others as you would like to have done to you?

I guess Cart-Holes are everywhere. I do recall before I moved here back east in Pennsylvania Not all but most of our local supermarkets had this little device attached to the carts where you needed a quarter to use a shopping cart and that paid for the lock to release so you could use the cart. You only got your quarter back if you returned your cart to the cart return by locking the cart in place thus- releasing your coin.


I often wonder why we don’t have the same sort of system here in Phoenix where it’s really needed.


Even at Pet Food Markets people are CART-Holes!

Phoenix is different. Cart-Holes is almost all you see.


Look here! TWO Forking carts on either side of the cart return. I can’t believe those people are to lazy or uncaring to return the carts when they are that FORKING CLOSE.

The one thing worst than a cart-hole is a Forking cart-hole that leaves their forking trash in the cart. They are forking cart-holes that leave their forking trash in the cart besides not putting the forking cart back.


I Forking hate Cart-Holes!


Here’s a Cluster-FORK of CART-HOLES! ……..What a sight.


Look how forking close this cart is to the cart return. What a forking lazy CART-HOLE!


The Salut to Cart-Holes.

People in Metro Phoenix AZ are too Forking Lazy to Return Shopping Carts.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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