Cilantro – The Forking Truth is That Soap Taste Might be Poison


Some people love cilantro and to other people cilantro is inedible and taste like a mouth full of soap.

Truth- Some people are genetically predisposed to dislike cilantro.

Truth- Some people have a natural reason to dislike cilantro such as: sinus or oral  infection and         low zinc levels

Truth- Fluoride Sodium is used in pesticides and taste like soap to humans because it’s poisonous. The pesticide might have been sprayed on the cilantro and that is what some people might be tasting.


True Story this is how I forking found out.

I grow some mint in my yard. I love mint. I can eat mint everywhere and all the mint I purchase from the store agrees with me. I live in Arizona where it’s different from other parts of the country and heavy pesticides are used regularly all over and around your house to keep out very dangerous insects like scorpions, desert spiders and more pests. My mint that grows by my house gets sprayed with these strong pesticides and always taste like soap to me no matter how much I wash the mint. I don’t have an issue with mint. But I do taste something is wrong with the mint so it’s totally makes sense that some people also taste pesticides on the cilantro.

The Forking Truth is that Soap Taste with Cilantro Might be Poison.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


Dr. Catherine Willner




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