Dining with Dogs July 2016

"Give me a kiss old man, we're going out to eat."

There isn’t much to report since it has been too brutally hot in Phoenix AZ to take the dogs out to eat so I’ll let the dogs tell their own story.

“Give me a kiss old man because we’re going out to eat.”


“We are not forking going out to eat kiddo we are just picking up food because it’s too forking HOT to eat outside. It’s about 110 degrees F today. I also forking hate how you find me irresistible because I’m old enough to be your great great grandpa. I know I’ve been blessed with handsomeness from the handsome fairy but you gotta forking get over it kid! You are NOT my Forking Type.”


“I don’t care what you say Old Man. Your my favorite dog in the whole world. You let me chew up all your toys. You let me dig up and eat all your bones from the yard. I got it good with you because you let me do anything I want. No other dog would tolerate me like the way you do and boy did I get my butt whooped at the rescue where I came from. This is paradise with you old man. I got it as good as it can be.”

“HEY Look where we are!”


“Burger King!” “So we wait and bring the goodies home.”


“Ummmmmm A Burger King Double Plain with Cheese. Not too shabby and I can forking dig it but I won’t actually dig it in a hole because the youngster will just dig it the fork up and eat it like she did with my priceless bone collection……bitch!” “I never had another perfectly aged bone since.”

“The next week. We are on our way to Burger King again.”


“It’s around 110 degrees F outside and it’s still too hot to eat on a patio so we’re getting a Burger King Croissant egg cheese and sausage sandwich this time because it’s early in the day! It’s nice that our owners take us out to get something.”

“The next week it was 115 degrees Fork! So we just got another Burger King Croissant egg and cheese sandwich.”

“Maybe we’ll get a Monsoon soon to cool things off so we can sit on some patio somewhere.”

The Dogs only get to go to PetSmart (at opening time before the parking lot and pavement get too hot) and Drive Threws when it’s too hot to eat outside.

We are forking hoping for patio dining soon!

Please don’t dine with dogs outside until we have slightly cooler weather. Test the pavement by standing on the pavement with your bear feet for a minute or two and see how it feels. (if you can) On the news just this week they showed a person that needed hospitalization for burns from lying on the sidewalk. It’s that FORKING hot! The whole month of July has been too hot to dine with dogs and I know that you don’t want to burn your dog’s feet so we just have to wait to dine out with dogs.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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