El Alboroto Mariscos Y Cheavelas Restaurant Peoria AZ – Is Worth a Fork!



El Alboroto Mariscos Y Chavelas Restaurant is easy to pass by because the pervious shuttered restaurant’s  sign haven’t been replaced. This restaurant is located in an older strip mall in not the prettiest part of Peoria AZ. This by no means is a fancy place and you are only here to have some of the best freshest Mexican Style Seafood in the Metro Phoenix Area.

As I entered I wasn’t sure if they were serving food because the entrance was dark and is filled with stacked tables, chairs and a deserted hostess stand and an empty bar. A few steps away I noticed the dining room and walked that way.


The dining room is sort of mis-matched and unusual in shape. Tables and booths are older and a little beat up. Mexican Music is slightly too loud. The menu is mostly shrimp, octopus and fish. If your not into shrimp octopus or fish your in the wrong place.



They started us off with crisp corn tortillas, lots of limes and a fresh made salsa that was rich with tomato taste and slightly sweet. Many bottled Mexican Sauces are on all the tables.


Soon complimentary fish tacos arrive. I don’t know if they give everyone fish tacos or maybe the chef just felt generous today.


The fish tacos are battered mild tasting fish with fresh crispy cabbage and some pico de gallo and a creamy seasoned fresh sauce. The taco was very tasty and did remind me of the fish tacos I tried in Mexico.

My entree was called Pescado Empapelado – Wrapped Fish.


The fish was wrapped with foil and cooked with peppers, onions, a jalapeño and seasoning in their own juices. This sea bass fish was really fresh tasting and prepared to perfection. This was the best Mexican fish dish I tried in Metro Phoenix so far. It also was almost identical to a fish dish I had from a Seafood Restaurant in Mexico but maybe better! The rice was tasty and the salad garnish was topped with a creamy ripe sliced  avocado and HOT Steamy corn tortillas came wrapped in foil.

My husband had the Camaron A La Diabla – Spicy Shrimp.


This dish was spicy but not too spicy and flavorful with shrimp that were prepared well.

We were very happy we found a very good Mexican Seafood restaurant.

The service was efficient and the owner Jose was nice and friendly!

NO..Your not going to drive across town to dine here...but if your in the area if they serve what I had most of the food is very tasty and fresh.

I feel that most people won’t drive across town to dine here because of the atmosphere. I do note that this restaurant is newly opened  but has someone strong in the kitchen that knows what they are doing. The food really was very good at the time of my visit and is certainly just as good but possibly better than the well known Mexican Seafood Restaurants I’ve been to around Phoenix.

This restaurant doesn’t have a web site but you can find El Alboroto Mariscos Y Chavelas on FaceBook.

 The Forking Truth

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