Caribbean Cuisine in Glendale AZ is Worth a FORK!


You can get a taste of the Caribbean at Caribbean Cuisine in Glendale AZ. I do note this is a very small NO FRILLS, mostly take-out restaurant with with only four tables.


You are on Caribbean time when you dine here. Music from the Islands fills the air along with the aroma of slow cooked stewed foods. The food is prepared like the way it’s made at a Caribbean Home and that means it’s served in a Caribbean Minute thats English for when it’s done you’ll get it, possibly 20-30 minutes depending on what you order.

According to Caribbean Food is influenced by Chinese, Indian, Dutch, French, Spanish, British and Amerindian Foods.


We ordered from the friendly cashier who is also the cook and waited a Caribbean Minute.

I received the Escovitch.


It’s a whole fish that might have been poached then marinated with herbs,spices and vinegar and then ¬†fried. Strips of marinated peppers including a Scotch Bonnet cover the whole fish. This is spicy but tasty and interesting. It’s not too strong with heat or vinegar it’s just right. The plate is served with stewed cabbage that sucks up the flavors from the marinated peppers. They give a very generous portion of rice and beans that are topped with sweet fried plantains.

My husband had the Oxtail.


The Oxtail has been slow roasted and is very succulent and very beefy. I didn’t try the potato but my husband said it was amazing how it was slow cooked with the beef and absorbed all the beefy goodness. This plate is also served with rice and beans with stewed cabbage and plantains.

Other dishes I tried from here were……..


Curry Chicken


Jerk Chicken


Stewed Red Snapper.

All the food was delicious! Portions are large and Prices are very low.

Caribbean Cuisine in Glendale AZ is Definitely Worth a Fork.

NO..Your not going to drive across town to dine here...but if your in the area if they serve what I had most of the food is very tasty and fresh.

No Frills Atmosphere and no public restroom but very good food with a pleasant cashier who is your cook. No your not going to drive across town to dine here but this place is recommended if your in the neighborhood.

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 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


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