New, Different, WEIRD and Special Edition Food Out There September 2016


There is a whole world of new, different, WEIRD and special edition foods out there. I never know what I’ll come across when I hit the stores. Here is Next of Kin Wine by Xanadu. What an unusual name for a bottle of wine. Maybe these would make great Holiday Gifts for my Next of Kin?


Pillsbury Cheesy Spicy Buffalo Bread. This might actually be tasty but I haven’t tried it so I don’t know. It says it’s made with real cheese on the package. That is whey forking better than artificial fake cheese product isn’t it?


Buttered Popcorn Mike and Ike Jelly Candy….? Might be fun to eat in the movies if you can still handle all that sugar and if your teeth are still in good shape.


I came across Crispy Tangerines that are 100% just fruit. I love tangerines so I thought I’d enjoy this healthy treat. WOW they are sour….ICK!……They somehow managed to suck out all the sweetness from tangerines. Glad I didn’t buy the large multi pack.


Chips Ahoy Cookies are Thin Now. Great! Same price and less forking cookie.


Now Tuna Fish comes in forking weird flavors. How about Hot Buffalo Tuna, Sweet Honey BBQ Tuna and Forking Bacon Ranch. Package says Kid’s Creations…did kids actually come up with these flavors…I don’t know.


This wine is called “If you see Kay” say that four times real fast and your spelling out a naughty word.


Blue Corn Taco Shells. Pretty cool…I bought these……..


Here’s Buck Wild Korean BBQ Tortilla Chips. This is when Fusion becomes confusion for me. WTFork do I put on these chips? Korean  BBQ Tortilla Chips with Salsa? Korean BBQ Chips with Guacamole and Sour Cream? Korean BBQ Tortilla Chips with Kimchi? Oh I know what to use….That Sriracha Salsa from last month’s Weird Foods Out There.


Oreo is trying to push forking Swedish Fish Flavored Oreos on us now.


S’More’s should be fire roasted marshmallows with chocolate and graham crackers…I just hope they don’t taste like coffee.


Klondike the Eskimo Pie people are now making candy….looks like flavored chewy candy that forking sticks to your teeth.

IMG_4929 IMG_4930 IMG_4931

Speaking of Fish…….Some new different weird and strange Goldfish Crackers are out now. Chocolate Mint Pretzel, Strawberry Shortcake, and Pink Cheddar. …….Excuse me…


The New Goldfish Crackers might seem appealing to some but honestly my stomach is upset now just thinking about these flavors.

I think the next one is pretty FORKED UP!

This one is....FORKED UP!

This one is….FORKED UP!


WTFork kind of Chocolate is this?


Does this chocolate give you the Shtix?

Is looks like exploding chocolate…..

Will it give me exploding problems if I eat it?

It FORKING made from Shtix?

Is it a weapon?


The Shtix doesn’t sound appetizing or fun 🙁

Is this a joke candy for Halloween?

That was the New, Weird , Different and Special Editions for September.

I don’t know what I’ll see next but hold on to your seat…..The Reign of Pumpkin Spice might be on it’s Way!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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