Viet Kitchen in Phoenix AZ is Worth a Fork


In a strip mall in what’s considered to be North Phoenix is a little gem of a Vietnamese Restaurant called Viet Kitchen. The inside is decorated with traditional Vietnamese Furnishing.


I thought the Vietnamese Fixtures were interesting.


I’ve been here several times and so far have found everything I tried fragrant and flavorful. The white meat chicken and the beef here were moist and tender in every dish I tried so far.

This Vietnamese Restaurant offers plates that I haven’t seen on other Vietnamese Menus. For instance they offer interesting salads that I have to try next some of the salads are made with lotus root stems, jackfruit and banana blossoms. I also noticed that this restaurant prepares their own banh mi also called baguette rolls fresh baked in-house.


Phoenix Magazine named Viet Kitchen in the top 5 Global Cuisine Restaurants of Phoenix.

On my most recent visit to Viet Kitchen we decided to start with the Beef Summer Rolls.


Not only are the summer rolls generous in size they are generous with flavors. The beef just melts in your mouth like butter and were infused with aromatics and a slightly charcoal taste. The thin rice flour wrappers are also stuffed with crunchy vegetables and a good amount of refreshing herbs. Fish sauce is on the side for dipping. These Summer Rolls are tastiest I ever had anywhere. This is a MUST GET DISH!

For dinner I had the Curry Banh Mi. I thought Curry Banh Mi would be a sandwich but it was curry with the baguette on the side. The translation of Banh Mi is something like baked bread. I did have options of rice or noodles but went with the bread.


The Banh Mi was fresh baked in-house and had a crisp exterior and a soft center and was cut just so for dunking in the curry sucking it up like a sponge tasting good in the mouth. The curry contained moist infused white meat chicken with carrots and potatoes. The curry was very aromatic with Thai Basil. It was sweet and spicy and just delicious with coconut milk. It was very flavorful and the flavors were very balanced.

My husband had the Viet Kitchen Fried Rice.


The Viet Kitchen Fried Rice contained beef, chicken and shrimp. I didn’t try it but my husband enjoyed it and said we should come here more often.

Other dishes we tried here were…..


Vegetable Pho


Hot and Spicy – my husband’s favorite dish here so far.


Chicken and Greens




Chicken and Cabbage Salad


Spicy Stir Fry

I’ve been pleased with everything I tried from Viet Kitchen. Service has always been efficient.

Viet Kitchen is Worth a Fork!

NO..Your not going to drive across town to dine here...but if your in the area if they serve what I had most of the food is very tasty and fresh.

You most likely aren’t going to drive across town to dine here because you already have a favorite Vietnamese Restaurant that prepares Pho the way your used too….. But if your in the area you might want to give this place a try because they have something different to offer.

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