WTFork is Tomato Pie?




All my life I thought Tomato Pie was something similar to the picture above. It’s fluffy thick pizza-like crust topped with a thick tomato sauce.

These kind of pies aren’t popular in Arizona but some people make them.

I remember I use to enjoy the Tomato Pie from Cafe Riviera in Bensalem PA located in Neshaminy Mall. I was searching for pictures of their tomato pie that I used to enjoy and found out some sad and disturbing news.




According to The Midweek Wire after being in business for over 36 years Cafe Riviera’s lease was lost. Neshaminy mall offered Cafe Riviera another spot in the mall but the owners didn’t agree on that spot in time to get it and Cafe Riviera shuttered February 14th 2016. This restaurant was a favorite for many and for over 36 years and was loved so much that over 10,000 people petitioned the mall with hopes to let Cafe Riviera to keep their spot.

Sadly I couldn’t find one picture of Cafe Riviera’s Tomato Pie on-line anywhere.

Well anyway thanks for listening to the ramble and getting back to tomato pies ………….Cafe Riviera’s Tomato Pie looked similar to the photo below.

Joe's Tomato Pie Philadelphia PA

Joe’s Tomato Pie Philadelphia PA

It never occurred to me that a Tomato Pie would be made ……..

with forking…..



When I first read about this pie I thought it was a joke. Then I looked it up and to my surprise I found out that Southern Style Tomato Pie is more popular than Jesus. There are hundreds of recipes on-line for this kind of Tomato Pie….

Maybe you never heard of this kind of Tomato Pie either?

It looks something like this pie from FoodNetwork by Paula Deen.


Unknown until today for me…I found out that Tomato Pie is very popular in Southern US.

It’s a flaky pie crust that’s stuffed with fresh tomatoes, sweet onions, herbs like basil and is topped with a mixture of shredded cheese like cheddar or a blend with cheddar and MAYONNAISE.

Those are WTFork Tomato Pies Are

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Update- You can still find Cafe Riviera on FaceBook. They are currently looking to re-open somewhere. The same owners also own Pizza Zeppoli in Neshaminy Mall Food Court.  I wasn’t able to find a photo on-line of Pizza Zeppoli’s Tomato Pie either. Their Tomato Pies really were good. I guess the people just have to eat and forking don’t stop to photo.

To Neshaminy Mall…..

What you did to Cafe Rivera is FORKED UP!

What you did to Cafe Riviera is FORKED UP!




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