Sometimes You Eat at Places that Aren’t for You.


Sautéed A dog?..........

Sautéed A dog?……….Did they sauté A dog?…….

Sometimes you eat at places that aren’t for you. Sometimes it doesn’t mean that these are bad places….It just means the food isn’t your style but might be someone else’s style.

A beautiful new casual restaurant recently opened in Scottsdale AZ called The Chicken Scoop. This is a restaurant that specializes in Chicken Salad. They offer 14 varieties of Chicken Salads in a variety of scoops and accompaniments. I love chicken and think it is the most delicious of all meats when prepared well. This restaurant seemed like a very good choice for me so I wanted to try The Chicken Scoop.

My husband and I both pick the two scoop platters. Two scoops of chicken salad, a side and a small  pudding “scoop.”


I got Buffalo Chicken salad and Spicy Thai Chicken Salad and I picked fresh fruit as my side order.

The chicken salads truly don’t taste bad. Some were more tasty than others but none of the four taste bad but the texture was soooooooooooooo off-putting to me.


It’s all smooth. No celery or onion. No chucks of chicken. It’s like you made chicken salad, remove the vegetables and just put it in a blender. They give you a basket of crackers to eat with your chicken salad but I would prefer to pay extra to get some crunch like from celery sticks or other crunchy vegetables.

I guess if I just had dental work or falling out or missing teeth this might be the first restaurant I would want to eat all. You don’t need teeth to eat the chicken salads I tried.


These smooth chicken salads just aren’t for me but I will consider this place again the next time I get dental work done.


I also ate at a Tex-Mex Restaurant that’s been on my Bucket List for a long time.

The Carlsbad Tavern Scottsdale AZ

The Carlsbad Tavern Scottsdale AZ

This restaurant has a fun atmosphere.


They have a nice patio with a big water feature.


The inside looks like a cave.

I ordered the Filet Mignon.


My Filet had nice looking grill marks but didn’t pick up any flavor from the wood grill. My husband and I both tasted the meat and both of us thought it was unseasoned. I’m not a big fan of unseasoned meat. So the steak was mine but wasn’t really for me.

Sadly I also wasn’t a fan of the mushroom and cheese enchiladas that came with my steak.The enchiladas seemed sort of dried out.  I thought the mushrooms inside were seasoned nice and were tasty but the cheese inside was next to inedible to me.


It tasted like they used processed American Cheese-like product


instead of a traditional jack or cheddar cheese or combination that most people would expect.

That plate was mine but wasn’t for me.


Went to Kale and Clover Mindful Kitchen in North Scottsdale AZ. They serve fast food style Health Focused kind of foods. I went to get my beverage and saw all the teas were flavored….(bah)…so I decided to try a strawberry kiwi green tea. The tea tasted like green tea slightly flavored water. I asked my husband to close his eyes and taste it.

He said,

“This just taste like water with something in it.”

That’s the Forking Truth! It just tasted like water with a tiny bit of green tea  in it.

I got my salad.


It’s an attractive salad made with several nice ingredients but the salad was very dry and chicken in the salad was tasteless. I guess most people would be thrilled with this salad but it wasn’t for me.

My husband had their Jambalaya Bowl.


He said the turkey sausage in it was delicious but he also said the sauce around the rice was too salty and smokey for him.

My husband normally likes very salty foods so it’s very unusual for him to complain about too much salt. It must have been a salt bomb.

He was upset that I picked this place for lunch.


He also left half his food there and never does that.

This place wasn’t for either for us.

I do note I don’t know if my experience is typical of these restaurants since my written thoughts here are only based on first impressions.

Oh well…….doesn’t mean that these places are bad……Just not for me…. I’ll do forking better next time.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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