Breakstone’s and Knudsen’s – The Cottage Cheeses do Taste Different


If you live in the East, South East, or Mid- Western parts of U.S. The big name brand for Cottage Cheese and other dairy items is Breakstone’s. In the Western parts the big name is Knudsen’s. Both Cottage Cheese brands have been absorbed by Kraft Foods.  I stumbled into a rare opportunity to get my hands on some Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese in Phoenix AZ. I thought I’d see how the two measure up against each other. But first is a little bit of story about these brands.

Knuden’s was at one time a family owned business that made cottage cheese and other items  that got mostly bought out by Kraft.

On the Breakstone’s Container it states that they were established in 1882 and according to the commercials I grew up with Breakstone’s was founded by Sam Breakstone.

I don’t know for sure but according to what I read on the internet the Sam Breakstone’s Name might be somewhat fictitious?????????? There is LOTS of documentation that The Breakstone Name is linked to many named Lithuanian immigrants from the New York Lower East Side named Breakstone from the pre 1900’s that were involved in the dairy business. Brothers, cousins, distant relatives all named Breakstone are linked to the dairy business all where the “real” or “fictitious” Sam Breakstone came from.

Jordon Davis of dedicated his WHOLE BLOG to researching all people that he could find name Sam Breakstone in America that were alive in 1882. He was aiming on finding the real Sam Breakstone of from what we know as Breakstone’s . He digged up records on about SEVENTEEN Sam Breakstones and isn’t satisfied that any of the Sam Breakstones He has found (even though in the dairy business) were actually the founding Sam Breakstone of the 1882 established dairy.

Some of us of a certain age from certain parts of the United States remember the likable character from Breakstone commercials named “Sam Breakstone.”(he’s the same actor from the Dunkin Donuts Commercial, “Time to make the donuts” guy) In the commercials Sam Breakstone turned down lots of milk because it wasn’t good enough for his products. He was a real stickler. (well that’s the way I remember it..think it went that way) Oh I found a bunch of old Breakstone’s Commercials that live on youtube. Most were made from 1977-80.


“Not GOOD enough!”   “NOT GOOD ENOUGH”   “I wouldn’t feed it to a dog!”


“Not thick enough.” NOT THICK ENOUGH!”

I had difficulty researching Breakstone’s and Knudsen’s varieties of cottage cheese that they used to sell before they were bought out by Kraft. It seems that information disappeared or never was found on the web. But I remember Breakstone’s use to sell the cottage with a variety of curd sizes and different fat contents. I don’t recall Knudsen’s because it wasn’t sold were I lived most of my life.

Now back to the two brands of Cottage Cheese…..

Both Cottage Cheeses are low fat and 2% milk fat and are small curd. Both Cottage Cheese have the same amount of calories and fat.


The main ingredients in Breakstone’s are skim milk and cream, plus 8 ingredients.

Knudsen’s main ingredients are Fat free milk and cream, plus 10 ingredients.


You can see the texture differs some.

Knudsen on the right has harder, drier curds and is much saltier tasting.

Breakstone’s on the left has more difference between the curds and whey.

Knudsen’s almost seems like it was blended together.

Breakstone’s taste milkier maybe because it isn’t so salty.

Breakstone’s and Knudsen’s do taste different.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

2 thoughts on “Breakstone’s and Knudsen’s – The Cottage Cheeses do Taste Different

  1. Carolyn Bild

    I wish you would’ve used the yellow Knudsen container with 4% milk fat; It is delicious. Of course, I can’t find it in the East, but just came back from the Pacific Northwest and brought some back. It’s not so much an issue for me because I divide my time between different homes, but absolutely, Knudsen’s is better than Breakstone’s; there is a sourness to Breakstones you don’t find in Knudsen’s.

    1. Laura A. Post author

      Interesting, I never tried the yellow container maybe it’s better? The day I tried them I didn’t get the bitterness but I will try them again sometime. Thanks for the comment!


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