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Deseo is Modern Upscale Latin Cuisine located in the beautiful Westin Kierland Resort and Spa in Scottsdale AZ. They offer a comfortable traditional looking dining room with large windows to view the beautiful desert plantings that surround the resort. They have an open kitchen and you might be able to get a seat at “The Rail” (seats that loop around the open kitchen) to see the kitchen action and make conversation with the Chefs.

We were seated at “The Rail” and got to see the action.


The started us off with hot steamy out of the oven yucca rolls and soft creamy butter that melted right into the roll.


We started with what was called “Rainbow” on the menu.


It was a mix of fresh tasting fish, salmon, tuna and another mild fish that was in white soy citrus and pickled jalapeños. It was refreshing and light. At the time it seemed like the best ceviche I ever had.

We also shared a Wagyu Beef Empanada that was very detailed.


The Empanada sat in spiced tomato sofrito and was garnished with green apple slaw. The purple dots are some sort of huitlacoche sauce. This was the most high end empanada I ever had anywhere for sure.

For dinner I had the Big Eye Tuna Encebollado.


Now this dinner was different than I expected. I was expecting a cumin crust. But got a Black Cumin Crust that doesn’t taste the least bit like cumin. Black cumin looks and taste very similar to caraway seeds. Actually I enjoyed the light sprinkle of Black Cumin over the sweet tomatoes. That’s a new taste for me that I will remember.

The fish tasted good in the light refreshing fruity tomato consommé and the accents of pickled shallots, and mini yucca dumplings added more interest to the dish.

My husband had the Duroc Pork Chop.


The pork chop was covered with a reddish mole that wasn’t bitter with lots of flavors. All kinds of interesting garnishes surrounded the plate such as spiced pepita brittle, a corn tamale, shaved baby carrots and apple.

Sadly I was too full for dessert 🙁

Yes Deseo is Worth a Fork and YES You would drive across town to dine here.

Dishes I had at Deseo on my last visit were-




Pan seared Halibut with Fideo.

You might travel across town to dine here. Extensive Wine List, Famous Stetson Salad and Mushroom Pan Fry and more in the Touristy Arts District

Worth a Fork! You would drive across town to dine here.

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 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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