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Sriracha is a tangy garlic chili sauce used to add flavor to foods.

We have many brands out there and they all taste different. After watching Chef Jamie Oliver on TV I found out that many British People use Cholula Hot sauce on their cottage cheese. I started trying different hot sauces including Sriracha sauces and discovered that I liked the Ninja Squirrel Brand on Cottage Cheese. It just made cottage cheese far more interesting and fun for me. I also like some Sriracha Sauces on radishes, in soups, salads and in other things. I started collecting Sriracha Sauces so I could compare them and find out what I like.


Just like wine tasting you have to pair the Sriracha Sauce with Food so I decided to try the Sriracha sauces first with cottage cheese and then for a second tasting on a radish slice.

The next day I thought maybe tasting the Sriracha Sauces with Seaweed and Rice Cakes would bring something different to the tasting so I tried that too.


Shark Brand the biggest bottle at 1:00 o’clock on the plate does not taste great on cottage cheese to me but turns suddenly delicious on radish. I get the garlic, tang and sweet. I think this also was the cheapest of the Sriracha Sauces. It also is the thinnest sauce.The next day I also thought Shark Brand tasted just as good on Seaweed and the Rice Cake. Maybe it turned slightly sweeter on the rice cake. I like the way the ingredients are listed just like a recipe. 35% chili, 25% water, 20% sugar, 10% garlic, 6% salt and 5% vinegar. This BIG 750ml only coast around $2.50 and was less money than most of the smaller bottles. Made in Thailand.

Grand Mountain at 11:00 o’clock on the plate is delicious on cottage cheese. Seems more tangy on radish than Shark Brand. Maybe it’s slightly spicier.It’s thinner than most Sriracha Sauces but much thicker than Shark Brand. Grand Mountain is also delicious on both Seaweed and the Rice Cake. I think instead of making the rice cake sweeter Grand Mountain seems more garlic and maybe a slightly more heat. Grand Mountain doesn’t have added water and the ingredients are Chili, sugar, vinegar, garlic and salt. Made in Thailand.

Huy Fong at 9 o’clock on the plate taste awful on cottage cheese and actually is painful with radish. After tasting Shark and Grand Mountain Huy Fong is very flat with noting going on. It’s just flat on the seaweed and weird tasting on the rice cake. Ingredients are chili, sugar, salt, garlic, distilled vinegar, potassium sorbate, sodium bisulfite, xanthan gum. Made in the USA.

3-Mien at 7 o’clock on the plate taste just ok on cottage cheese but taste sweet and garlicy on radish. This one seemed slightly fish like. This one also isn’t as bright and clean tasting as the first two.. It’s pretty much just tangy on the seaweed but has a better taste on the rice cake. It’s also a little thick. The ingredients are chili, garlic, sugar, salt vinegar, potassium sorbate, and sodium metabisulfite. Made in Vietnam.

Ninja Squirrel at 5 o’clock on the plate. Taste sweet on cottage cheese and almost honey-like on radishes with mild heat.  Oddly sweet on the seaweed but tasty on the rice cake. Ingredients are red jalapeños puree, salt, citric acid, red chili puree, salt citric acid, water, sugar, organic white vinegar, garlic puree (garlic, water, citric acid) salt, garlic, habanero pepper powder, xanthin gum. Made in the USA.

Lee Kum Kee is at 3 o’clock on the plate. OOOOwwwweeee. this is inedible on cottage cheese. I think it’s just weird tasting with a weird lumpy texture and really tangy. Maybe metallic……..Very spicy. mouth and is ..too acidic…for me both on cottage cheese and the radish. Just horrible on the seaweed and on the rice cake. Ingredients red chili, sugar, salt, garlic, anchovy extract, acetic acid, ascorbic acid and anchovies. Made in the USA.

My conclusion

#1…… Grand Mountain – good complexity, bold, bright tasting, spicy but not too spicy- tasty on everything I tried.

#2……. Shark – Very thin sauce, good complexity, bright tasting,  a little sweet tomato-like, great value – Close you eyes and taste it….It has something refreshing to it like apple and mint……tasty on most everything…best tasting of the Sriracha’s when you try it straight.

#3……. Ninja Squirrel – oddly sweet on some things but also brings out some delicious flavors on other things. Smooth and maybe fruity….with some fun heat.

#4……. 3 Misn – lots of tang, a little too thick, OK..sauce but.a little flat….Not the best and not the worst.

Not recommended

#5……Huy Fong – flat tasting…it has heat…taste like chemicals after tasting the other Sriracha’s.

#6….Lee Kum Kee – WOW this tasted really harsh on everything. This sauce was the hardest for me to stomach. It had too much funk and too much acidity and some strange different taste going on. The thick lumpy texture was also unappetizing. Burns my mouth and it’s just too acidic for me to handle. I know that Lee Kum Kee is well known for making better packaged items. I don’t know if something was wrong with my bottle or I just don’t like for this one at all……

My Huy Fong and Lee Kum Kee will be living in the land fill this week.

Of what I tried the very best Sriracha’s were Grand Mountain and Shark Brand those will be the only Sriracha Sauces that I will purchase in the future unless I’m in the mood for some Sweet Ninja Squirrel.

Your taste may differ from mine…so you should see what you’d like.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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