NEW Forking Weird and Special Edition Foods out there November 2016


There is always something NEW, Weird, DifFerent or Special Edition in the food world out there and I never know what I’ll come across when I go out to a store. Here is Nonni’s Gingerbread Biscotti. A true Biscotti is made without butter and oil and is very hard and not so pleasant to eat unless you dunk it in coffee. True Biscotti are biscuits and are not cookies but are turned into  cookies with the use of butter or oil and then they are just Biscotti style cookies. The Gingerbread Biscotti is a fun flavor this time of year.


Apple flavored Wafer Cookies and Coconut Almond Mocha Biscotti…..Now those are really different!


East African Inspired Tomato Lentil Berbere Teff Carackers sure sound amazing….but I get let down most times when I purchase something unusual in flavor so I didn’t purchase these crackers but they sure do sound interesting and healthy.


Herr’s Brand Ketchup flavored Potato Chips….I like Ketchup and Potato Chips but would never dream of putting the to together unless I was on some sort of weird drug I imagine. WTFork….who puts ketchup on a potato chip.


Here’s Lay’s Tapatio and Lime Flavored Potato Chips. If you like Mexican Tapatio Sauce and Lime  couldn’t you just sprinkle fresh lime and Tapatio Sauce on your forking potato chips instead of purchasing flavored chips?


Ruffles Brand Queso flavored Chips….Queso translates to cheese….but sounds more exotic.


Maple Roastee Marshmallows…???????


RedNeck Cafe Bacon Hot Chocolate ………..Oink!


Salsa is turning Japanese here…..I really think so…….WTFork do I put this on?……


Kimchi Salsa…?……….. WTFork??????? ……..Fermented cabbage in my salsa??????


Sriracha Sour Kraut?????? ……That might?……. be good…sometimes sour kraut is too sour and some Sriracha sauces are a little sweet….it might work…..


Sriracha hummus…….that’s not tradition…but it’s a maybe….because peanut butter taste good with Sriracha…(woah! million dollar idea…)…..and sesame seed butter (tehini) is sort of similar….it could work..?


Hope Brand Sriracha Hummus….I HOPE it’s good!


Now Porcini Rosemary Potato Chips actually sound delicious……


Texas Pete Hot Sauce Herr’s Potato Chips…..Ummm?


Naked Crunchy Kale with Vegan Cheese and Vampire Killer with Sunflower Seed and Vegan Cheese………….To me……something called Vampire Killer sounds like full of GARLIC………and NOT   Sunflower Seeds and Vegan Cheese….sorry Brad….I just have to tell it the way I see it.


WTFORK is this?

Ice-Cream Sprinkles for Bread? This stuff seems so strange…… Well that is what I thought…..I looked this one up on the web and found out that this is a Dutch Staple for a snack between Breakfast and Lunch. The Dutch call the sprinkles “hailstorm” They take a slice of bread and spread on margarine (ick) or butter and then sprinkle the bread with Hailstorm. Here in the good old USA we do also have different regional names for sprinkles. In the East sprinkles as known as Jimmies…..Down South sprinkles are called Twinkle Coat…….Just like here the sprinkles do also come in chocolate.

But I am humbled and proud to announce I found something …






Star Trek 50th Golden Anniversary Ale!

And that was the NEW, the weird, DiFferent and Special Edition Foods out there for November 2016

I just never know what I’ll see when I go to the store who knows what I’ll see next.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


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