I submitted Wasabi Ginger 1-17-14 to Lay’s and wasn’t picked


I FORKING submitted a possible the million dollar winning flavor  “Wasabi Ginger” to the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Contest on January 17th 2014. I know they picked Ginger Wasabi but isn’t that the same?  I already know maybe a forking million other people also might have submitted this possible (and forking probably) winning flavor. I also am aware the person selected did specify kettle cooked chips and I’m not sure if I did as mostly all I submitted two styles but only printed out one that I found for that flavor. I just sort of feel forking screwed and disappointed anyway. I admit I’m selfish and am only thinking about my forking self but I’m only being honest in admitting I’d prefer to be the winning person instead of the forking person that only gets to purchase the millionaire’s winning chips with a flavor I also thought of.

Also you had to give a reason why you submitted that flavor and the  person picked said the flavor was a part of her heritage. (I know I didn’t give as great a reason but hell I still forking would have liked to get picked)

Well maybe Ginger Wasabi does differ from Wasabi Ginger? It’s like Mint Chocolate or Chocolate Mint isn’t it?

I am certain Ginger Wasabi will win over Cappuccino, Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese and Wavy Mango Salsa. I’ll forking buy it because that favor is forking delicious.

You can vote for your favorite flavor now threw October 18th 2014. The winner won’t be me but might be my forking flavor.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth


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