Sichuan Food Hits Scottsdale with Tang Dynasty Restaurant



Scottsdale recently got a new restaurant for Sichuan Style Chinese Food and this new rough gem is called Tang Dynasty. The interior is very detailed with rich granite and interesting Chinese Gold Embellished Walls.


They have these interesting small rooms all around the dining room. I’ve never seen these kind of small private rooms in a Chinese Restaurant before.


I read about a recommendation for the Sichuan Cold Noodles so we shared it as an appetizer.


It doesn’t look attractive but had flavors that kept changing getting more interesting as you ate it. It was like natural peanut butter with vintagers, spices and heat on chewy noodles with cucumber to cool and lighten. It was a big portion and I took a lot home for latter.


They called this dish New School Sichuan Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil. The fish (sole) was very tender, mild and meaty. It was in a chili oil broth with bean sprouts and scallions. Our waiter didn’t tell us that these dishes are family sized. I think this dish could feed 2-4 depending on how much rice you eat. Me and my husband put a big dent in it and we brought a bunch home.

As good as the Noodle and Fish dishes were – AND THEY WERE!!!!!!  I think the most interesting dish was the Beef in Hot Chili Oil.


This might have been the most delicious Beef I ever tried from ANY Chinese Restaurant. I usually avoid beef at most places and at the majority of Chinese Restaurants but this was super awesome. The Beef was tender like butter but infused with Asian Flavors. The sauce was rich tasting with beef and other aromatics. Light lettuce was used to lighten the dish. The flavors were off the charts here. It was spicy but not too spicy.

I note that this restaurant is newly opened and is still working things out….Service may be slow and partial. The beverage selection was very poor on my visit so you might have some trouble as I did with that……

Tang Dynasty is newly opened and is too new to rate.

Tang Dynasty Restaurant and Bar in Scottsdale AZ  is not on Facebook or has a Website so for information you have to give them a call. 514-286-8209

Sichuan Food Hits Scottsdale AZ with Tang Dynasty

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