International Desserts in Metro Phoenix Arizona


Spurgos Vaskes (Lithuanian Donuts) from Sonata's Restaurant Scottsdale AZ

Spurgos Vaskes (Lithuanian Donuts) from Sonata’s Restaurant Scottsdale AZ

Phoenix Arizona offers quite a lot of international cuisine. Here are just a few of some international desserts I tried this year.

Sonata’s Restaurant in Scottsdale Arizona serves Lithuanian and Eastern Europeans Foods. They have their own Lithuanian Donuts on the menu called Spurgos Vaskes.

They are small round deep fried donuts that are made with Lithuanian Cheese Curd that’s similar to Quark Cheese. Instead of rising from yeast like an American Donut these rise from baking powder.


Sonata’s serves the Spurgos Vaskes with Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Strawberry Preserves and a Heavy Pastry Cream.

We now have Thai Style Ice Cream Rolls at Arrowhead Towne Center (The Mall) in Glendale AZ from the new Indian Restaurant named Maya. (Maya is more of an Ice Cream Roll restaurant that serves a short 3 item menu of Authentic Indian Cuisine.)


The Ice Cream Gets Made before your eyes on a sheet that instantly freezes the cream. Things get hand chopped and mixed on the sheet, then the ice cream gets “rolled off.” You pick the base, the add ins, sauce and toppings.








My husband had an all Chocolate Thai Style Ice Cream Creation.


We also have Kwality Ice Cream in Phoenix AZ that specializes in egg-free Indian Flavors of Ice Cream.



Last time I tried a single note flavor of Leechie Fruit and my husband had Butterscotch. This time I went for the explosive favor of Mitha Paan.

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Wow lots of flavors…..This one you got to be prepared for….Betel Leaf, Rose Petals, Cloves, Cardamon, Coconut, Fennel and Candied Fruit! You are sure not going to find this at Baskin Robbins!


The Great Australian Bakery in Old Town Scottsdale AZ Serves all kinds of hand pies, rolls, pasties and several Australian Desserts. Some of the desserts TGAB offers are, Vanilla Slices (like Napoleons), Lamingtons (spongy tender cake covered in chocolate icing and dusted with coconut, some are filled with cream and jam), matchsticks (raspberry jam and cream sandwiched in puff pastry topped with icing sugar and Anzac Biscuits or Anzac Biscuit Ice Cream Sandwich.


The Anzac Biscuit is sweet hard and chewy and (according to Wikipedia) is an eggless biscuit made from rolled oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup, baking soda, boiling water and optionally desiccated coconut.   The name of the biscuit Anzac is the combination of Australia and New Zealand made into one name that combines the two countries who have fought together in WW1. I read that Housewives would make these sturdy biscuits and ship them to soldiers at war for nourishment. There is a holiday called Anzac Day April 25 (like America’s Memorial Day) Anzac Biscuits are eaten to remember the soldiers of war.

The cookies are chewy and delicious with filled with vanilla ice cream. You can’t tell by looking at my photo but this is an extremely large cookie sandwich. It’s enough to feed FOUR people. My husband and me could only make it threw half and had to call it quits. It was delicious but the serving is for sharing with a family.

One location of Snoh Ice Shavery is in Phoenix AZ. They serve a frozen Chinese-Taiwanese kind of dessert. It’s light and fluffy like real snow. It’s described as shaved ice mixed with ice cream. Here you pick a favor, a topping or two and a sauce. The delicate ice is mild with flavor and the added sauce and fruit give this light dessert some substance.


These were only a few of the International Desserts you can try in Metro Phoenix AZ.

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