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WTFork is Marmite?


Marmite is a salted yeast based paste that’s edible, savory and pungent. It’s made from brewery by-products and happens to be vegetarian. The main ingredients in Marmite are yeast extract, salt, vegetable extract, thiamine, spice extracts, riboflavin, folic acid and celery extract. Marmite is a very healthy food and is naturally rich in vitamins, especially b complex but additional vitamins are added.

Some of the ways to eat Marmite are to spread it thin on a cracker.

Spread it thin on buttered toast.

Spread it thin on bread with cheese.

Use it as a vegetarian base for soups.

Make a “Chippie Sandwich” Marmite & Potato Chips.

Marmite is added to rice congee (rice porridge ) in Malaysia.

Marmite is can also be used in cocktails.

According to www.IBTIMES.com Marmite can be stored at room temperature and won’t decompose for years.


I decided to try it. The Marmite isn’t as paste-like as I imagined. It’s more like a thick syrup.

I spread some very thin on toast crust with butter and melt some munster cheese on it for my first try..



I can taste something is there and it isn’t terrible. It just something unknown in the background.

I decide maybe I can be more bold and try how it really taste.


I try some straight on a small piece of crust.


WTFork is it?

I think I taste a combination of soap, hand lotion, burnt something, coffee grinds and some other kind of funk mixed it.

It doesn’t taste like food to me.


I’m not sure that I can try it again……my stomach is turning now. I think the after taste is bitter hand lotion.

For some people Marmite might be for weight loss. It’s hard to eat after trying it.

Millions of people forking enjoy Marmite…….so..I’m thinking. Either they have very unusual taste or…….


Maybe Marmite is one of those foods that you have to eat a certain way like Hawaiian poi made from taro root. Poi taste awful eaten straight but when you add it to roasted meat it compliments the meat.

Well I didn’t always like broccoli either but with the right cooking technique or sauce it can be delicious. Maybe something or someone can make Marmite delicious? I don’t know.


That’s a little WTFork about Marmite.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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