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Every FORKING THING is Subject to Change


I recently went to a new Korean Restaurant that was fabulous on my first visit.

On my first visit they started us off with 17 delicious side dishes. Our server also told us what each of the side dishes were.

This time we received 8 side dishes that were just delivered without a mention of what they were and some old brown salad.

We came back to try the BBQ and ordered Bulgogi and Short Rib.

The Bulgogi is tasty and was prepared with a delicious marinade but the meat never got to develop any caramelization and came out almost braised. It was still good………..

By now the BBQ was a little hotter and the Short Rib developed a little caramelization. The meat was a little chewy with a small amount of grizzle. My husband finished the Short Ribs for us.

They also served us a Vegetable Tofu Soup that was like a Asian Tomato Vegetable Soup with lots of soft tofu….I never had soup like this before. It tasted like Tomato soup goes Korean. It wasn’t really spicy just tasty.

Last time they cleared our plates.

This time they let the plates all pile up.

I really enjoyed my first visit to Seoul BBQ & Sushi. This second visit was still ok but not GREAT like the last visit. It might be partially due to the server I had this time………..I’ll still go back to try the off the menu items and see how that goes again sometime.

The FORKING Truth is the EVERY FORKING THING is subject to change and YOUR or MY Forking Experience may or may NOT differ.

The Forking Truth