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Casa Filipino Restaurant and Bake Shop Phoenix AZ A Forking Experience like no Other


When you walk into Casa Filipina in Phoenix Arizona you step into a small bake shop and enter into what looks like a older banquet hall with numbered tables and a musician corner.

I’m not real familiar with Filipino Food although I know it’s cuisine is sort of Asian, Indian, Latin and American influenced. I also know some but not all dishes include organ meat, uncommon animal parts and blood.

I asked my waiter what spices are used for the Filipino Chicken Dish called Chicken Inasal. I just wondered what it would taste like….Instead of telling me what spices are used he says, “I don’t know but it’s a good choice.” I order it anyway….

Then all of a sudden….


Our waiter just starts up with a forking Karaoke Machine and starts singing “Love is a many splendid thing” and many other Frank Sinatra tunes followed.

This was kind of neat but also forking strange. The waiter actually had a forking great voice and was good enough to be a professional singer.

My husband’s meal arrives.


It’s called Beef Kalderetta. It’s basically a tender beef stew. The beef is tender and is infused with flavors. The onions lacked caramelization that was noted on the menu, “topped with caramelized onions and potatoes”. The fries were a surprise as we guessed the stew would be prepared with a potato. It tasted like something anybody’s grandmother would make but served with rice and Asian flavored noodles that contained a piece of carrot and some chicken meat.

At least ten minutes goes by and then my meal arrives during a Frank Sinatra number.


Chicken Inasal


The chicken seemed marinated in lime, vinegar and annato. The chicken was falling apart tender and a vinegary soy sauce was served on the side for dipping. Annato rice and Asian flavored noodles spiked with chicken meat and a piece of carrot were served on the side and all the food was served over some sort of leaf.

We order two desserts because the Phoenix New Times wrote this year that this restaurant serves up some of the very best baked goods in the metro Phoenix Area. They are officially on a top 10 list this year.

We order a mango and a ube (purple yam) tart.

Mango and Ube Tart from Casa Filipina Phoenix AZ

Mango and Ube Tart from Casa Filipina Phoenix AZ

I notice that the Ube tart looks very dry.

We tried to eat the desserts but neither of us could penetrate either dessert with a forking fork. I’m NOT talking about the crust. The FORKING CENTERS can’t be penetrated with a fork. The filling from these tarts can be used to fill forking pot holes in the road.

Needed  a forking  jack hammer.


My husband breaks the desserts apart with his hands.



The desserts are inedible. I reckon the people at The Phoenix New Times didn’t try the desserts I tried. Or maybe they forking  like the desserts this way? Who the FORK knows?

We called a waitress over told her about the desserts and she told us the manager would speak with us.

He said nothing is wrong with his desserts and they are just cold. To me that was a weird thing to say. He should have said something like I’ll fix them for you….


I’m forking thinking if his tarts need to be heated up well then why weren’t they served heated up? Am I suppose to heat them up myself sitting on them with my forking butt or perhaps I should have   my own portable forking heat source?


He serves us a new ube tart that is good but our dry inedible mango tart is still on the table.

We ask for the check…pay…and leave.

As we walk out the door the manager comes running out after us.


He says you didn’t have to forking pay for the desserts.

The desserts were on our check and nobody said to us that we didn’t have to pay so we forking paid.


Guess we needed forking telepathic powers to know what the fork the manager was thinking. I guess he meant to take the desserts off the check. He just forgot.

Casa Filipina serves up some tasty homestyle foods and offers weekend all day entertainment. We actually had fun dining here and now have a funny story to remember about the dessert.


I already forking told you about the desserts I tried so I would be too frightened to try a dessert from here again.

Casa Filipina Restaurant and Bake Shop….It was a Forking Experience like No Other.

If you want more information on Casa Filipina Restaurant and Bake Shop in Phoenix AZ visit www.CasaFilipina.com

Rated 1/2 a Fork because it's a mix of good and not so good

Rated 1/2 a Fork because it was a mix of good and not so good

This is tasty and that's The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth




Too Forking Hot in Phoenix AZ to Purchase Lindt Chocolate Truffles


I’ve had lots of Lindt Truffles before. A few of the malls that I used to shop at had Lindt Chocolate Stores. The outlet mall had a Forking large Lindt Outlet Store where you could purchase large bags of slightly irregular Chocolates for almost nothing and they always gave you a free chocolate with or without a forking purchase. Them were the days well that was back east were you could buy these chocolates all year long without them forking melting.

I was pretty excited to see this the flavor Milk Chocolate Sea Salt featured. So I purchase a bag and a few days later I decided to forking  eat one.



I noticed the chocolate didn’t have that perfect chocolate plug and looked wet. So I carefully took a bite.



It still taste good with a great melty smooth milk chocolate flavor and a few lumps of crunchy sea salt.

But it’s FORKING MELTED! Instead of that creamy smooth filling the truffles are suppose to have.

I didn’t expose the chocolates to much heat. Only from my forking grocery cart on the way to my car they were exposed to heat and at this time it isn’t even forking hot yet for Phoenix.  It’s already too Forking Hot in Phoenix Arizona to purchase Lindt Chocolate Truffles.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


Devoured Phoenix Culinary Festival 2015 Saturday


Many of the best (but not all)  Phoenix Area Restaurants participate to dazzle you with the best they can offer you in culinary delights. This year 30something restaurants, 30something wineries, and several breweries gave their best on Saturday. Tickets were $90. a day to the public. Art museum members paid $80 for one day or $140. for the two day event. There also was a VIP option that 500 people took advantage of that cost a whopping $150 A FORKING DAY that let them in early and got them some additional treats from Chef Kevin Binkley of Binkley’s Restaurant.


They start you off in a reception room before you stand in line and wait to devour. Aloha Cakes make tasty coconut cakes, Little Chocolate Nut candies were offered from NutWhats, Doc’s Ice Cream was there, Grass Fed Beef Crisps, and Kettle Heroes were there with  many unique flavors of Kettle Corn.



11:30 the doors open and we make it outside.


The first thing was a really tasty Brussels Sprouts with Cheese and Lemon thing from Proper. Good thing I forking got one early because they ran out of food around 1:00. It wasn’t proper but PROPER DID run out of forking food around 1:00.



The next was Epicurean Foods with charcuterie.


St. Francis made a fresh wheat-berry salad.



Green/Nami made vegan donuts and vegan lane cakes out of palm.




My husband’s favorite bite came from the Blue Hound,


It was Boudin Balls over creamy grits.


He wanted to come back and get another one but was too forking full at the end.

Geordies was a chunk of steak infused with rosemary.



This one I didn’t eat and forking don’t remember but my husband enjoyed it. The sandwich was some kind of pork with apple slaw on a pretzel bun.



Otro made some sort of shrimp and grits.


The Pizza People made a refreshing salad.


Alto Ristorante E Bar made lobster risotto and a really special ice cream float.



The most beautiful plated food pictures didn’t forking come out and were from Cartwright’s/Tonto. They made a pan seared venison and an amberjack fish that was forking outstanding. It was FORKING Difficult for me to take any photos. The sun was very bright and half the forking time I couldn’t see the screen so I had to guess and shoot.  It was also difficult juggling plates and a wine glass and also pushing threw the crowd.


San Tan Brewing Co. gave out pork sandwiches and brisket macaroni and cheese.



The Vig made some sort of kimchi taco and gave out almost a full lunch of surprisingly really well prepared and good quality salmon.



Little Cleo’s gave out oysters, shrimp and well prepared scallops.


Sadly my photo of Sochu House/Red Thai Korean rice cake stir fry didn’t come out. It was packed with delicious flavors and was among my favorite dishes I tried.



The Cleaver Koi put out a very impressive selection of geoduck, frogs legs and tamarind nori nut crackerjack.


The Wigwam’s Prime Beef Short Ribs with coffee cardamon soil was outstanding.


II Terrazzo at the Phoenician Made spring pea cavatelli  with parmesan and truffle and some sort of strawberry dessert that had a weird spongy white thing on top that could have been used to scrub dishes.




Cuttlefish made lump crab arancini.


I forking think this is the braised rabbit from The Post.



Cibo made saffron risotto and a bruschettina with anchovy and grapefruit.



Ingo’s Tasty Food made an unusual toast with avocado grapes and creamy cheese.


Chelsea’s Kitchen Short Ribs over Mashed Potato. (this one I didn’t care for because it had that bland pot roast taste to it) But the carrot on top was good.



La Grande Orange Pizzaria and grocery made a tasty Corn, goat cheese pizza but didn’t have any forking plates.


Mazies Cafe and Bistro made Cuban Sandwiches and Goat Cheese Cheese Cakes with Apple topping.


Sierra Bonita Grill made Braised Pork Belly over Polenta Cakes.


Cafe Lalibela made tasty Chicken Stew, potatoes with cabbage and lentils.


AJ’s gave out adorable little plates of Kobe Pastrami, Guinness Kettle Chips and a Milk Chocolate Mint candy.



Devoured Saturday 3-7-15 This wasn’t everything. I missed a forking few.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth

Binkley’s of Cave Creek Arizona is an Experience Like No Other


One of many Amuse Bouches

One of many Amuse Bouches

Dining at Binkley’s in Cave Creek Arizona is an experience that can’t be compared to any other dining experience I had before and is certainly forking memorable.

Binkley’s doesn’t have the finest atmosphere as it is a small restaurant located in a strip mall. But if you reserve a spot on patio you might get a view of a beautiful cactus studded sunset.

At Binkley’s you can count on some molecular gastronomy, benson burners and a James Beard Nominated Chef to create you some unexpected, playful magnificent courses and get served many amuse bouches all night long. Dinner may take close to three hours so come with an empty belly, a big bank account and forking enjoy the show.

You have a choice of a la carte, multiple tasting menus and expert wine pairing choices. We picked the smallest of the tasting menus the four course tasting menu of one cold, one hot appetizer, a main course, and either dessert or cheese course.

Our meal started with an amuse bouche of miniature gherkins paired with smoked chicken liver   mousse, stone grain house made mustard and crostini and an offering from the bread basket and butter from France. The house made breads were really delicious and well made. The little salted brioche breads were really forking scrumptious.


We placed our order and soon receive another amuse bouche and a sparking glass of wine.


We receive a mini coffee cup filled with pear curry soup that’s finished with raisin oil. It doesn’t sound that great but honestly this was really forking delicious.

We received two more amuse bouches before our cold appetizer plates.


A forking Barbie Sized beef sloppy joe with a fancy potato crisp and the best tasting forking caper I ever had. The tiny sandwich seemed a little too much bread to meat but was packed with flavor and was delicious.


Tiny savory smaller than a marble sized donuts appear. They were filled with rich mushrooms and disappeared quickly.

Now our cold appetizers  arrive!

Fruit de Mar - Prawn, Crab, Geoduck, Foie Gras, Seaweed, Onion, Radish, Chile, Mango

Fruit de Mar – Prawn, Crab, Geoduck, Foie Gras, Seaweed, Onion, Radish, Chile, Mango

My husband had the Fruit De Mar. He was sort of excited to try Geoduck for the first time but couldn’t figure out what forking morsels were geoduck.

I had the Asparagus as my cold plate.


I had a very small but crispy puntarelle ( a kind of chicory)  on my plate. lots of little dots of liquid that tasted sort of mushroomy, a smear of caramelized onion creme fraiche and a mound of smokey sun choke salad and all harmonized like an orchestra in key.

This next amuse bouche photo is bad but I’m forking using it anyway.


Pellets of frozen grapefruit and blackberries arrive.

The most flavorful and my favorite plate of the evening arrives next.


The Black Truffle Acorn Squash Risotto. This was mind Blowing crazy good!

Fresh shaved perigord truffles and this magical delicious cream that just taste amazing on the best acorn squash I ever had.  You can always count on at least one mind blowing crazy good dish here.

My husbands favorite dish was also his hot appetizer.


It was called a Choucroute Garni and was made with bresaola, duck confit, trotter (pig feet), and root vegetables.

Next came an amuse bouche of house made tangelo soda.



I ate too much of the squash and was full by now but next was dinner.


I had the Ocean Trout. It was a very tiny portion and I was able to eat it. It wasn’t as complex as Binkley’s usually prepares and was forking good but sort of not what I was expecting from here.  I think the tiny crisp on top of the fish might have been an artichoke but I wasn’t sure.

My husband had the Cider Braised Pork.


He squealed with delight  when he saw the bacon (pancetta) on top of it. He said it was very good.

Now they forking bring over a Benson Burner kind of contraption and prepare table side hibiscus tea that’s flavored with fresh rosemary and meyer lemon.


An amuse bouche of candy apple cream brûlée arrives. It taste just like a creamy candy apple.


Followed by a really delicious mini root beer float.


Now my dessert arrives.


On a hot sizzling skillet and in some sort of bag arrives Butterscotch Pecans en Papillote topped with brown butter ice cream and a black pepper cinnamon twist along with salted pecans arrive.

The ice cream was very smooth and nicely flavored. The pecans were of a better quality than the ones I forking normally eat as they were very creamy inside and flavorful. I was already very full and couldn’t eat much of this. This wasn’t my favorite as it seemed like a melted pecan pie. Maybe I was just too forking full to enjoy this one.

My husband had a delightful cheese plate.


They gave us one more amuse bouche.


They were some kind of apple pectin fruit jells.

They thanked us for coming and gave us little bags of granola to take home.


Binkley’s  of Cave Creek Arizona is an experience like no other.

Worth a Fork

Worth a Fork

Forking Truth

Forking Truth