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An Accidental Forking Masterpiece – Fresh Feta Dill and Caraway Won Ton Raviolis

Fresh "Feta" Dill and Caraway Won Ton Raviolis

Fresh “Feta” Dill and Caraway Won Ton Raviolis

I accidentally made a creamy delicious feta like tasting cheese when I tried to make cheese out of boxed Trader Joes Whipping Cream.

I had 3 8oz. boxes of boxed Trader Joes Whipping Cream for the shelf and I wanted to make them into mascarpone cheese before they expired. (ricotta is made the same way but with the addition of whole milk.

I know that you need heavy cream for cheese making.

I know whipping cream is NOT what you are suppose to use for cheese making.

Unfortunately majority of  grocery stores near where I live don’t sell heavy cream so I use whipping cream all the time without a problem until this time.

I had my cream and a pinch of salt at a slow boil let it go a little like I always do and kept adding lemon juice and noticed it wouldn’t curdle. Lemon Juice always makes the cream curdle something was wrong. As a last ditch effort I added some vinegar and it still wouldn’t curdle but it slightly thickened.  I tried to save it and I drained the mixture over night.

I looked at it the next day and I got a cheese with a cream cheese like texture that taste like really good creamy fresh made feta you’d find at farmers markets or only taste at high end restaurants. Not at all like that supermarket crumbly cardboard like flat tasting feta. Somehow the extra lemon juice and the addition of white vinegar made the whipping cream taste like really good feta cheese.

It turns out that the boxed for-the-shelf cream has more carrageenan gum in it than refrigerated cream and is similar to manufacturing cream. Unfortunately when you purchase cream you have no idea how much carrageenan gum is in it. The less gum the better for cheese making. Manufacturing cream is much cheaper and made with more gum in it.  Often but not always manufacturing cream is sold to restaurants and  used to prepare creamy sauces because it doesn’t break from all the gum in it. After the fact I am guessing that is why this boxed cream had a good shelf life.

I know the cheese I made isn’t real feta but it taste just like fresh made feta so I’m calling it FORKING  FETA even though it’s faux-feta.

FYI- Feta cheese is usually made from sheep’s milk and may contain up to 30% goat’s milk to be technical. There are also guidelines for measuring moisture content.

Well any way at home I had some leftover won ton skins, fresh dill and lemon.

So I laid out some won ton skins and filled a disposable pastry bag half way with the cheese mixture and twist the end.


Squirt out some cheese on each won ton skin


Top with a little fresh dill and a few caraway seeds to make the flavors POP!


Just wet the won ton ends with water and fold.


Squeeze out air and flatten filling


Boil in salted water a minute or two or until they float.

Top with a sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil, lemon zest, fresh ground sea salt and fresh ground black pepper and garnish with a small amount of fresh dill and SERVE RIGHT AWAY!

Fresh "Feta" Dill and Caraway Won Ton Raviolis

Fresh “Feta” Dill and Caraway Won Ton Raviolis

Now you have a masterpiece too! Well something that taste like a masterpiece anyway…..The raviolis come out with such a great flavors and that really perfect light as air ravioli texture. The won ton skins are so perfectly thin that you can only get by rollers from a machine without spending $200. for a KitchenAid roller attachment (to make your own). The cheese inside just sort of melts, kind of becomes the sauce for the ravioli in your mouth and is so umptiously good. Every thing together is  so delicious. The caraway seeds add something special that makes the flavors pop. My husband tasted them and screamed, “THESE ARE FORKING GREAT!” but he really used the real “F” word this time.

This is something you might want to make either with your own fresh cheese or with fresh made creamy feta cheese. I note that store purchased feta will not taste good with this recipe.

Your Welcome!

These are FORKING GREAT and that's The Forking Truth

These are FORKING GREAT and that’s The Forking Truth

Forking Dinner Idea………Twin Pizza Calzone


On TV I saw Andrew Zimmern in Italy on the travel channel and they visited this little popular pizza place that makes these trendy pizzas that are 1/2 and 1/2  pizzas with the forking end rolled up into a calzone. The pizzas had very different dough than traditional American Pizza’s and had very thin cracker-like crust. I liked the novel idea of this forking kind of pizza.

This is the first time I didn’t make my own forking dough. But this dough I used was gluten free and was on sale for $1.00 so I said to my WTFork! It will be great for a cracker like dough and a little forking  healthier too!

So I rolled it out very thin on a paddle with a little corn meal on both sides.


I decided I’d stuff the calzone side with spaghetti squash mixed with some home made sauce and some cheese


Then it got calzone shaped.


Then I slid the dough off onto a preheated oven stone at the suggested temperature for the dough (400 degrees) till the dough looked crispy and done. (about 15 minutes)

I smeared a tangy cow’s milk cheese called stracchino on one half.


Then topped that with arugula, a small amount of crushed almonds, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, black pepper and shredded parmesan cheese.

The remaining half was based with roasted red pepper pesto and shaved fioro sardo hard cheese made from whole sheep’s milk cheese.


It was something fun and different.

Calzone Twin Pizza

Twin Pizza Calzone

It's Forking Good and that's The Forking Truth!

It’s Forking Good and that’s The Forking Truth!

Pizza Style Focaccia for Dinner Idea

Pizza Style Focaccia

Pizza Style Focaccia

Pizza and Focaccia are not the same but you can start them out of the same dough. Pizza should be crispy and has toppings.


This is the forking pizza I made with the same dough. In a home oven you have to double bake the crust if you want crispness.

Focaccia is different when you put it together and should look like this when you top it. (minus the optional cheese) You should taste olive oil and salt in the focaccia dough but not all pizzas have olive oil in the dough. I use olive oil in the dough because I bake mine in a home oven. Neapolitan Pizzas do not have olive oil in the dough because they are cooked at much higher temperatures where the olive oil would burn.


After the olive oil indentations it really only needs salt, maybe some pepper and the most popular herb to add is rosemary.

It should be baked in a high oven and might look like this if you added extra untraditional toppings like I forking did.

Pizza Style Focaccia

Pizza Style Focaccia

Focaccia with  pizza topping is forking delicious.

Forking Good!

Forking Good!

Pickled Beets and Blue Cheese EZ Stuffed Wrappers

Stuffed Pickled Beets and Blue Cheese Wrappers

Stuffed Pickled Beets and Blue Cheese Wrappers

These are not ravioli but like ravioli – that are stuffed wrappers that are forking EZ and forking quick to prepare. I made some very basic pickled beets I just roasted beets in a little apple cider vinegar, sugar, little salt,  little bit of water till soft and pealed them. But you can just use your favorite pickled beets. With the blue cheese in the wrappers they came out delicious and and sort of seem forking fancy.

Then I used these fun and easy to use wrappers.


And I put a little blue cheese in the middle of them.


Then I topped the cheese with a piece of beet.


Then I wet the edges of wrapper with water and topped each one with another wrapper.


I pinched the edges up.


They get gently boiled now only a minute or two in salted water.



Now remove from water.


Top with a small amount of extra virgin olive oil and fresh ground sea salt and black pepper.

Stuffed Pickled Beets and Blue Cheese Wrappers

Stuffed Pickled Beets and Blue Cheese Wrappers

Forking Good!

Forking Good!

Forking Dinner Idea Piri Piri Chicken

Piri Piri Style Chicken

Piri Piri Style Chicken

I put this forking photo up on twitter and it got retweeted to 44,370 people. It came out forking great!  Piri Piri is basically a spicy red pepper sauce that you also use as a marinade and let sit overnight and then cook the chicken.  I served mine with my new favorite grain freekah and roasted vegetables. I’ll post the forking  recipe this week.

Forking Good!

Forking Truth


Forking Idea 4 Dinner – Chicken with a Kumquat Watermelon Seed Topping


This is forking simple and very tasty.


Just roast up some cauliflower and broil up your asparagus. Roast, peel and clean up one red roasted bell pepper.

Prepare your chicken however the fork you like!



Clean up some kumquats. You need about 2 oz per every person.


Cut the kumquats into quarters and remove any seeds you see. Add some chopped onions and sprinkle 1/4 cup sugar to every 8 oz of kumquats you used. Sprinkle the whole pan with extra virgin olive oil. Roast in 350 degree oven till slightly browned. (about 40 min.)

Remove from oven sprinkle with toasted watermelon seeds, Aleppo Pepper, fresh ground sea salt, fresh ground black pepper and pour over chicken. Fresh basil will complete the dish. To make the dish more filling add some rice, noodles or a chunk of delicious bread.

This came out more delicious than it looks. It very refreshing and a little sweet, tangy and  savory .


Sometimes you don’t need a recipe and just need a Forking Idea!

Forking Good!

Forking Good!