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WTFork is Jackfruit?


Jackfruit is a very unique fruit. On Wikipedia it says that these fruits can grow up to 80 forking pounds each. Who the fork wants an 80 pound fruit? I also read that this fruit makes a really big mess when you cut it and it’s recommended that you use gloves to forking protect your hands from a possible allergic reaction to latex. ┬áIt’s forking hard for me to believe that this fruit is from the mulberry and fig family.


I also read that this fruit is popular in tropical regions and is the national fruit of Bangladesh.

My local Asian Market doesn’t sell these fruits whole and sells them in manageable few pound cuts.


I saw jackfruit on several menus in the metro Phoenix area that many restaurants are serving barbecued jackfruit sliders so I thought I’d give this fruit a try even though I never tried it before.

I read that you must boil the fruit for 45 minutes so that is what I did.


After 45 minutes it looked like this and the house smelled like tropical fruit.


This fruit is very odd. You got these fleshy bulb things in the fruit that have big seeds. You remove all the fleshy bulb things and remove the seeds from each bulb. The rest of the flesh gets scraped out like a spaghetti squash.


You wind up with…..


The orange fleshy bulbs taste like starchy mangos. The other dish with fruit that looks like pulled chicken has little flavor but has a slight sweetness to it. It’s texture is very meat like.

I made a mistake by throwing the seeds out. I tasted one and it was delicious and like a really good bean. You do have to peel the seeds. I’ll save them next time.

I think I’ll make a salsa with the fleshy bulbs and use the pulled vegetable like a taco filling.

If I saved the seeds they would have been good as a rice and beans kind of thing.

Give jackfruit a try when you see it because Jackfruit is certainly worth a Fork!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth