It’s Forking Easy to make a Delicious Crusty Pizza in your Home Oven


Most Forking Pizzas that you get out look like this.

Brother's Pizza

Brother’s Pizza

Why have that?

When you can have this?


I Forking Love making pizza it’s so easy. I do note it’s easier and quicker if you have a double oven but I used to make pizza the same way when I only had a single oven so you can do it too!

Just follow the directions for your yeast. I needed 100-110 degree water



and for a double batch of dough I needed about the same amount of sugar to yeast.




Then I added this much water.


And I waited maybe a half hour till I got this.


Next I added my bread flour


Till it was almost mixed and then added Kosher Salt and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


And I mixed it up by hand and made it into a ball and kept rolling it inside it’s self and added a little more bread flour for the dough to sit in. Then I covered it with plastic wrap and sat it in a warm place.


I waited for it to double in size and punched it down and kept rolling it into itself again and again.


And like a forking broken record. I punched it down again and rolled it into itself again and forking again.

I took half the dough and patted it into a slightly Extra Olive Oiled pizza pan topped with a little semolina flour. I also used a little semolina flour to spread it out.


I wanted a fluffy but crispy crust so I let it sit out half an hour and had my upper oven set at 350 and my lower oven set at 475 with a pizza stone in it.  I baked the crust for about 12 minutes in the upper oven and flipped the crust on a board and then topped it.





Now this went in the 475 oven on a pizza stone and came out 6 or 7 minutes later.


Doesn’t This


Look Forking Better



Brother's Pizza

Brother’s Pizza

Forking Truth

Forking Truth


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