Italian Inspired Bean Recipe


I came up with this original recipe for beans inspired by my interpretation of what I think Pasta Fagioli should taste like.  Pasta Fagioli is a soup that is of beans and pasta. When I think about the soup I think of a rich chicken taste . Instead of pasta I replaced it with  a NO-CREAM but rich cream like sauce with that familiar cooked tomato taste.

These are the ingredients I used to come up with this dish.

Local Tepary Beans

Local Tepary Beans

A variety of Beans Fresh cooked and canned to add variety.  (Local Tepary Beans, assorted White Beans, Kidney Beans, and Chick Peas, Giant Lima Beans) I do use other beans at times sometimes Cranberry Beans and Cow Beans but I always like to use a variety.

Chicken Fat saved from roasting a chicken for that rich Chicken Flavor.


Chicken Stock

One small Tub of home made Tomato sauce.

A good Tasting Flour such as Moong Bean or Kamut. (Farro would be fine too and more Italian)







Fresh Ground Black Pepper

(I didn’t need salt but you might)

I finished with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

You start by equal amounts of Chicken Fat and Flour in your sauce pan and cook till it bubbles for a few minutes.


Then you add your home made Tomato Sauce and let that cook a few minutes.


Then you add your beans and use a potato masher to mash them in.


Add your Chicken stock.


Use your seasonings start with about a 1/2 part of Oregano to 1/4 part basil, about 1/8 part rosemary and 1/8 part savory. Add Fresh Ground Black Pepper.

Let it simmer maybe two hours and do stir occasionally.


It will go from this.


To this, adjust seasoning at this time and Finish with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth

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