Great Bargains can be found at a Restaurant Supply Store



Even if you don’t own a forking restaurant or have a boat load of people to cook for Great Bargains can be found at a Restaurant Supply Store. I do note it is helpful to have an extra freezer. I also note not all forking restaurant supply stores let the public shop in their stores.

How about getting Bags of 5-6 Red Bell Peppers for around $2.00 a bag?  I purchased several forking bags and roasted up a bunch and froze. I also sautéed up a bunch and froze some too.

One time when I went I got a forking 5 pounds of forking parsnips for around $2.00! I managed to use them all between making soup, parsnip fries and parsnip keftedes (vegetarian Greek Style meatballs).

I liked getting 40 pounds of fresh Chicken quarters for $24.00. I just cooked and cleaned up a big batch of some and got a  forking “stock pile” in my freezer.

Picked up a box of Frozen Walleye Pike. Made some in pan fried and brushed with my forking home made mustard recipe and crisp onions. They came out great! The whole forking box of fish cost as much as one dinner out for two would have cost!

Canola High Heat Cooking spray is a bargain too. Not only is it a bigger can for less than half the money of a supermarket price it a forking higher quality spray without that long list of chemicals.

You say Tomato.



I got Tomatoes!

Just for fun (and possibly turbulent  sleeping conditions) I picked up a number 10 can (that’s over 7 pounds) of Vegetarian Refried Beans for around $4.50 as someone in the house is really found of refried beans.  Got some in the fridge, got a a few containers in the freezer.

Some things aren’t a bargain  for a the regular consumer like packaged or canned tuna fish. I need that in smaller portions.

Sometimes the store gives you stuff for free with your purchase! But I didn’t need a forking 30 pounds of fryer fat or 50 pounds of onions.

They also sell lots of fun equipment like ice machines, fryers and flat top grills. But I can forking fit any of them in my house.

I enjoy everything I purchased from the Restaurant Supply Store because I only purchased what I can use and what were bargains.

Great bargains can be found at a Restaurant Supply Store.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth



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