DON’T JIP! Leave The TIP! Groupon Tipping


Sometimes you get these Great FORKING Deals on Groupon and OTHER Groupon-Like sites.

These Groupon and Groupon-Like Sites are internet sites were you can purchase and print vouchers for discounted rates on merchandise, services and or Restaurant Deals.

It can be something like a Forking $100.00 deal for $49.00 or a $200.00 Steal for $80.00.

For Restaurants some Groupon-Like Sites require a predetermined gratuity added to your bill so you don’t forking jip your server.

Other Groupon and Groupon-Like sites let the consumer leave a voluntary gratuity BUT DO HAVE fine print printed on the voucher and their internet site that you should leave 15%-20% of pre-discounted price.

Don’t Jip! Forking Leave the Tip!

Forking Truth

Forking Truth

Restaurant Week does differ. The restaurants usually create a 3 course meal at a slightly lower check average than what you normally would pay at that restaurant. Restaurant Week sometimes is considered the “Special.” If you had a positive exsperience you should tip around 20% or plus.

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