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azcentral Food & Wine experience (day 1) Saturday Nov. 4th 2017


The azcentral Food & Wine experience is a two day event food & libation festival. Around 50 different Arizona Restaurants and many wines, beers and spirits are there for sampling. The headlining attraction was Martha Steward and cooking demos.

We were finally at about an average temperature for November and were at around 80 degrees with ZERO chance of rain. Guess what…..it rained for a short time and then it poured but only for a short time.

My Forking Gripes……

For the most part most of the food I tried was good. I was very disappointed with the wines I tried. Even the VIP ticket didn’t bring on as fine wine as we had in years past. After trying three wines that sucked I didn’t want anymore wine. The VIP bathrooms were really great last year and it seemed they used a different company and the bathrooms were air-conditioned but not much different than porta potties. Another gripe were the stemless wine glasses they used this year. Stemless glasses are for swirling at a table and are not good to be carried around for long periods of time. My wine sling doesn’t work with a stemless glass and it was difficult to carry a glass and get food.

Now I’m over most of the gripes and now I am on the food.

Well lets see some of what I saw and some of what I tasted.

There was a nice little layered dessert and octopus by Match Cuisine and Cocktails. (I thought this was from Match Cuisine….but in the newspaper it reads that this was from The Boulders????) I didn’t take notes so my bad if I am wrong.

Mowry and Cotton at the Phoenician offered  Lamb Tacos and fancy Charred Tuna.

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…..FLOOR!

The Crepe Bar didn’t serve crepes….?…..They served a Liver Mousse with Buttery Fancy Radishes……

This Pasta and Cheese was from AJ’s. Is a very impressive display. They used what is maybe a hallowed out $1,000 dollar wheel of cheese to serve pasta in. But plain pasta with just cheese is very boring even if it is expensive delicious cheese.

More libations.

This I didn’t try but it was maybe the most unusual offering at the festival. A push pop with duck liver mousse, apple, dates, pistachio, some sort of gel and apple sorbet. It came from PY Steakhouse.

A very tasty Steak with tabasco onions from Bourbon & Bones Chophouse & Bar

AJ’s Pork Tacos

Handlebar Diner offered Duck Tamales

Chef Christopher Collins really brought it on with Wally’s Fried Chicken Sandwich, Grassroots Short Rib over super SPICY HOT Jalapeño Cheese Grits, Twisted Grove Shrimp Salad and Sweet Provisions Lemon Tart and his Super Magic Bar…..WOW what a spread he brought. I think half the food I ate came from here and it all was great!

The Market by Jennifer made a really nice little spread too! Really good Potato Chips with Pimento Dip, Korean Style Beef, Yummy Little Chicken Drums and Milk & Cookies.

Some of Aj’s Fine food offerings……This might have been in the VIP tent. Maybe I’ll ask if they will sell me some finger limes…..None of the AJ’s near me carry them….. 🙁

It was really hot and crowded in the AJ’s VIP tent…..hope my deodorant didn’t fail.

AJ’s offered a fancy couscous salad that was made with this bottle oil, vinegar, lemon and herb dressing. It actually was amazing. The salad and the dressing were really surprisingly good.

AJ’s offered Butternut Squash Risotto that came from a box. It was horrible.  AJ’s also offered    another appetizer……It looked pretty but I got a raw crisp slice of sweet potato with some toppings. These were the only things I tried that were Forking Awful…..both not edible…YUCK!

But then AJ’s had a killer cheese table….so MANY HIGH END cheeses…….so I guess they redeemed themselves after the previously mentioned dishes.

That was Day One of the azcentral Food & Wine experience 2017.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

The Forking Truth

First taste at Nonna Urban Eatery in Scottsdale AZ


Nonna Urban Eatery is a small restaurant located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale on Main Street. You might miss it as the small restaurant is tucked inside a small group of stores that are  nestled together in the street like a tiny mini mall. Nonna Urban Eatery offers a small daily changing menu that is mostly Italian but mixed with global dishes.

The small dining room is sort of classic or traditional in style with lots of dark wood and lots of bright sunshine during the day.

They start us off with complimentary bread and good quality olive oil.

We started out by sharing the Cucumber Lollipop Rolls.

The rolls were filled with clean tasting Tuna, Yellow Tail, Salmon and a tiny piece of Avocado. They were AMAZING! So light and tasty…who knew? The plate was garnished with a cleansing salad of Arugula dressed with an intense ginger dressing. This plate was magic.

For our meal we shared the house made Campanelle. The pasta was dressed in a creamy but light lemony sauce and was studded with asparagus and salmon.

This dish was very mild with flavor. The salmon had a nice sear on it but was a little off. The pasta was made nicely and the asparagus seemed fresh.

Did I tell you how great those Tuna Lollipops were? I’d come back for them!

Cute little restaurant…could be a gem!


Everything is subject to change and your experience may…or may not differ.

The Forking Truth

Special Edition – Forking Weirdest Food Recall Ever! Frozen PUTTATOES



Over the weekend I noticed that we had many recalls on well known popular brands of foods this week. Campbell’s Soup (mislabeled ingredients), Lay’s Potato Chips (possible salmonella), Banquet Brand Frozen foods (Salmonella) A bat in packaged salad and a scorpion in another packaged salad..Rubber in a brand of bread I never heard of…..and the FORKING STRANGEST thing I ever heard was about the recall for McCain Hash Brown Potatoes. (puttatoes) for being harvested with golf balls.

Golfballs don’t look like potatoes. How can this happen?

FORKING GOLFBALLS mixed with Potatoes = PUTTatoes!

Do we par-boil the Puttatoes before grilling?

I heard on the news that a golf course is next to where the potatoes were harvested and the machinery gathers them both.

This past Friday according to www.GolfballDigest.com McCain Foods U.S.A. announced on the U.S.F.D.A.’s website of a voluntary recall of two different brands of hash browns. “Despite our Stringent Supply Standards The Golfball Materials “May Have Been Inadvertently Harvested” with potatoes.



The phoenix area news…either KTVK or KNXV


The Forking Truth

Bugs in Food that You PAY for and Bean Pie…..Who Knew


Part of El Panzon Y Frida Restaurant Menu located in Old Town Scottsdale AZ

When I hear about a new restaurant or a restaurant that is new to me the first thing I do is look at the menu to see if the menu appeals to me. I found out about this new restaurant that recently opened in Old Town Scottsdale AZ called El Panzon Y Frida. I saw Fish Cakes on the menu and thought I haven’t had a Fish Cake in ten years since I left the east coast. I could sure go for a fish cake………. but not the one on El Panzon Y Frida’s Menu……… as it’s Buffalo Worm Crusted……… I do admit I have some food hang ups and don’t partake in eating worms or bugs. I am aware that in many countries it’s a part of normal life to include insects in one’s diet but I have to be honest and admit it’s not something I’ll ever relish.

Usually if you find a bug or a worm in your food the restaurant takes it the Fork off your bill and apologies. On this menu you pay for worms in your food…who knew?


I also looked at a Fish and Chip Restaurant called Mandy’s Fish in Chips with three locations in Phoenix AZ. I saw……

Mandy’s Fish and Chip Restaurant in Phoenix AZ

Bean Pie….. I never heard of Bean Pie. WTFork is Bean Pie?

I read on Wikipedia that Bean Pie was created in the 1930s and is of African American Muslim Cuisine. The Pie is made of mashed beans that are usually navy beans but can also be great northern or pinto beans in a custard based pie similar to pumpkin pie.


Bugs in food that you pay for and Bean Pie…..Who The Fork Knew?

The Forking Truth

No Dairy Italian Style Beef Meatballs Recipe

No Dairy Italian Inspired Meatballs

No Dairy Italian Style Meatballs

These are your basic meatballs that come out juicy and tasty and are very easy to prepare. I didn’t add milk or cheese to the meatballs because you don’t have to. I used mostly dry spices because that is what I usually have but I feel you always need at least one fresh herb so I used fresh parsley. I do also note that it seems odd to use granulated garlic instead of fresh when fresh is better but when you are only using a very small amount granulated is better in a big batch because it spreads out more evenly. I also prefer not to fry the onions and leave them raw so the onions add their flavor to the beef and help to make the meatballs juicy.

Ingredients for about 14 servings

3 lb ground beef

6 XL eggs – beaten

3 cup whole wheat panko

3 Tablespoons kosher salt – or sea salt

1 Tablespoon black pepper

1/2 sweet onion – chopped fine

1 1/2 cup water

1/2 cup fresh parsley – chopped well

2 Tablespoons basil (dried)

1 Tablespoon oregano (dried)

1/4 teaspoon garlic (granulated)

1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper

Non-stick cooking spray


Set your oven to 350 degrees F and spray your baking sheets with non-stick spray.

it’s easier to add the meat to a large mixing bowl.

Add onions and mix.

Then add all the spices to the liquids and mix.

Lastly add the panko and mix.

You might want to do a sample meatball. Make one meatball and cook it in the oven till it’s cooked threw (about 10 minutes) when it’s cool enough to taste then taste it and then make any necessary adjustments.

Get a small scoop and your sprayed baking sheet and  make your meatballs till you run out of meatball mixture.

Put your pans in a 350 degree oven till the meatballs are cooked threw.

(about 12 minutes)

Enjoy them however you like. Leftovers freeze well.

No Dairy Italian Inspired Meatballs

No Dairy Italian Style Meatballs

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth




2016 Best $10.00 or under Food I had in the Metro Phoenix AZ area this Year

Banh Mi Bistro $8.00 _The Chicken and Rice Plate -Phoenix AZ

Banh Mi Bistro Vietnamese Eatery $8.00 _The Chicken and Rice Plate -Phoenix AZ

There’s BUNCHES of very good and great deals for you to dine on in the Metro Phoenix area where the meals can run $10.00 or less. I’m picking a few of my favorites in no particular order that I enjoyed this year. I also must note that prices are subject to change and on the prices I don’t remember I went to the websites and hoped the prices are up to date.

Everything on the Banh Mi Bistro – Vietnamese (Pho-Free) Eatery is under $10.00 and just about everything is wonderfully delicious! For me the biggest value is the Chicken and Rice plate that is served with Jasmin Rice, an egg roll and salad garnish with house vinaigrette. This has to be among the tastiest $8.00 meals you can get anywhere. The chicken is so moist and flavorful with exotic Asian flavorings. The salad looks simple but is light and refreshing.

For more information on Banh Mi Bistro Vietnamese Eatery please visit www.BanhMiBistroAZ.com

A Taste of Buffalo - Glendale AZ - Beef on Weck Sandwich that includes- pickle, horseradish, au jus and a side order $10.00

A Taste of Buffalo – Glendale AZ – Beef on Weck Sandwich that includes- pickle, horseradish, au jus and a side order $10.00

At A Taste of Buffalo in Glendale AZ offers a signature sandwich that is seldom served outside of Buffalo NY. The Sandwich is the Premium Roast Beef on a hard Kummel Weck Roll that is a kaiser roll topped with corse salt and caraway seeds. The hearty sandwich is served with hot horseradish, au jus, a pickle and a generous side like house made potato salad or house made chips. $10.00.

For more information on A Taste of Buffalo please visit www.ATasteofBuffalo.com

Huitlacoche Machete - $7.99 -Azteca Estilo DF Phoenix AZ

Huitlacoche Machete – $7.99 -Azteca Estilo DF Phoenix AZ

For only $7.99 I think you can feed two people with one of the Machetes that Azteca Estilo DF in Phoenix offers. I enjoyed the Hutlacoche Machete. It’s a folded giant corn tortilla that was packed with melty mild white cheese and what’s called the Mexican Truffle, also called corn smut and Hutlacoche. Corn Smut is considered a delicacy. It’s mushroomy it’s woodsy and was kind of special and delicious!

For more information on  Azteca Estilo DF you can find them on FaceBook.

Rocket Burger Phoenix AZ

Rocket Burger Phoenix AZ

Rocket burger is well know for their massive world of sodas and of certainly for their many sizes and varieties of their hand packed angus burgers. This year I got to know the Breaded Cod Sandwich with house made sauce with lettuce and cheese. It was a very tasty massive sandwich on an above average fluffy and eggy roll for only $6.49.

For more information on Rocket Burger in Phoenix AZ please visit www.RocketBurger.com

Cheezheads Peoria AZ - Cheese Steak - $9.99

Cheezheads Peoria AZ – Cheese Steak – $9.99

Cheeseheadz of Peoria AZ is a Wisconsin themed Pizza and Sandwich eatery. They serve up thinly sliced tender, flavorful Ribeye steak on their house baked rolls with peppers and onions for $9.99. I didn’t actually have the cheese with my cheese steak but it was just as delicious. I used this picture that my husband ate because the sandwich comes with cheese.

For more information on CheeseHeadz of Peoria AZ please visit www.Cheezheadz.com

Leo's Island BBQ - Peoria AZ - The Chicken and Short Ribs Combo - $8.89

Leo’s Island BBQ – Peoria AZ – The Chicken and Short Ribs Combo – $8.89

Leo’s Island BBQ specializes in the Hawaiian Plate Lunch. At the time of this publication all the plate lunches are less than $10.00. A Hawaiian Plate Lunch is typically lots of meat, lots of rice and creamy macaroni salad served in Styrofoam. The Chicken and short rib combo is one of the examples of what Leo’s Island BBQ serves for under $10.00. It’s a bunch of steamed cabbage and broccoli under the meat. You get a normal person’s lunch portion of Katsu or breaded chicken, a portion of BBQ chicken, short ribs, a double scoop of rice and creamy macaroni salad. They also offer Hawaiian favorites like the Grilled Spam Moco with Grilled Spam, Gravy and Eggs and the slow roasted Kalua Pork. The food is always fresh and served hot. They offer about thirty different variations of the Hawaiian Plate lunch to pick from.

For more information on Leo’s Island BBQ in Peoria AZ please visit www.LeosIslandBBQ.com

La 15 Y Salsas - Phoenix AZ - Combo De Chile Relleno $9.00

La 15 Y Salsas – Phoenix AZ – Combo De Chile Relleno $9.00

It was hard to pick between the two dishes I recently tried because both were very good but I went with the Combo De Chile Relleno ($9.00) because it was more textures and more layers of flavors than the also exstreamly good chicken enchiladas topped with a blanket of dark mole called enmoladas. This creation is tender moist flavorful chicken with raisins and nuts in a battered chile that’s topped with spicy tomato sauce, served with seasoned rice, beans and hot steamy tortillas. La 15 Y Salsas is one of the best restaurants in the Metro Phoenix Area for Oaxaca Mexican Food.

For more information on La 15 Y Salsas in Phoenix AZ please visit them on www.15YSalsas.com

New Asian Kitchen - Cantonese Chow Mein $8.95 Phoenix AZ

New Asian Kitchen – Cantonese Chow Mein $8.95 Phoenix AZ

My favorite Take Out Chinese Food comes from New Asian Kitchen in Phoenix AZ. A new favorite dish that they prepare is the Cantonese Chow Mein ($8.95). If you like take out Chinese Food you will love this dish that layered in interesting flavors and textures. Their vegetables are always fresh and crisp. The meats are always moist and tender. They even offer the hard to come by and impressive Dry Sautéed Beef Chow Fun a more difficult dish to prepare. No other Take Out Chinese compares to New Asian Kitchen for several miles around.

For more information on New Asian Kitchen please visit www.NewAsain.com

Hummus Xpress - Tempe AZ- The most expensive item called The Plate $9.95

Hummus Xpress – Tempe AZ- The most expensive item called The Plate $9.95

Hummus Xpress is a casual Middle Eastern Style Fast Food behind a hot and cold salad bar kind of place. Meals range in price from $6.45 for a pita sandwich, bowl $7.95, salad, $8.65 to The Plate. $9.95. I don’t get to eat here often because Tempe AZ is pretty far for me so I always get the largest size that is the plate. The plate is under $10.00 (at this time) and often I get two meals out of it. I always have many choices to pick from but what I typically would fill my plate with starts with seasoned rice, Aleppo Brisket, Lebanese Falafels, Moroccan carrots, eggplant, Two kinds of hummus like lemon ginger and usually plain, or beet, Tabbouleh, fresh made pickled beets, pickles, a few other toppers, Shrug Sauce and a fresh made whole wheat flat bread. The food is so healthy that you never feel weighted down and everything is delicious. The owner is a formally trained chef and all the food is delicious!

For more information on Hummus Xpress please visit www.HumusXpress.com

An honorable Mention goes to the little Taiwanese Food Stand in the Lee Lee Market in Peoria AZ.

Taiwanese Pancake Stand

Taiwanese Pancake Stand

I was very impressed with the 75cent Taiwanese Pancake I tasted made fresh and hot to order. I picked the one filled with beans. The pancake was hot and airy with crispy ends and the beans seemed like they were fresh made. It wasn’t sweet like I was expecting. It was a surprise!


Depending on your appetite you only need one or two of them to feel full. For more information on Lee Lee Supermarket please visit www.LeeLeeSupermarket.com

These were some of the best of what I remember having in 2016 of $10.00 or less in the Metro Phoenix Area.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth







FORKING GREAT Blue-Cheese, Sriracha, Honey, Radish Appetizer Recipe

Forking Great Blue-Cheese, Sriracha, Honey Radish Appetizer

Forking Great Blue-Cheese, Sriracha, Honey Radish Appetizer

This appetizer is a bomb of favors in your mouth. It’s very easy to prepare and is delicious and very light. It does have a little heat to it but not too much heat unless you slip too much with the Sriracha. Use any kind of radish you like. I used a combination of one regular radish and one small watermelon radish. I do note the watermelon radish worked out slightly better because it was the perfect size to pick up. The brand of Sriracha I used was Ninja Squirrel (purchased from Whole Foods) because it’s mild and sort of sweet compared to Huy Fong. Ninja Squirrel Sriracha just seems to match the sweet twang of radish just right. I note Huy Fong will do in a pinch.

Ingredients to make around 25 appetizers it’s up to  5 servings because they are so light.

2 radishes (on the small side) – sliced thin but like a study potato chip

1/4 small sweet red onion – sliced thin

2 oz blue cheese – room temperature

2 Tablespoon unsalted butter – room temperature

1 Tablespoon pure real honey – Best from a squirt bottle-like them bear shaped honey bottles.

2 Tablespoon (scant) Sriracha – (I used the Ninja Squirrel brand because it’s on the sweet side and not too spicy)


Lay down your radish slices with two pieces of onion on a serving plate.


Mix up your blue cheese and butter in a small bowl. Get a disposable pastry bag and snip off a small end. Flo down the end of the bag over your hand and spoon in the filling. Twist the end so the filling doesn’t fall out.


Squirt out about a 1/4 teaspoon filling into the center of each radish.

Now dot each cheese center with a drop of honey. When completed add a small amount of Sriracha around the top of each cheese. (about a total of 2-3 drops)

They are really to be devoured.

Forking Great Blue-Cheese, Sriracha, Honey Radish Appetizer

Forking Great Blue-Cheese, Sriracha, Honey Radish Appetizer

Forking Great!

 Really Forking Tasty and that's The Forking Truth

Really Forking Tasty and that’s The Forking Truth



Forking Stacked Eggs – Something Different

Forking Stacked Eggs

Forking Stacked Eggs

Those three layers of eggs are only two eggs a serving and are mixed with a few toppings and sprinkled with a little bit of cheese between the layers.


3 egg whites and a splash of water are in one bowl with scallions. 3 egg yolks and splash of water with some sautéed onions and peppers are in another bowl. The last bowl has one whole beaten egg with a splash of water and some bacon.

I put them all in shortened sheet pans coated with non stick spray.


I cover the pans with aluminum foil and put them in a 375 degree F oven. The whole egg pan and the egg white pan are done in 10 minutes. The all yolk pan needs 5 more minutes. You can do these eggs the same way in a fry pan but the creamy all yolk pan will come out different and won’t be an even layer when you do it in a fry pan.

The whole egg layer should go on the bottom. (note I put one half layer on each plate- this is two servings)


And top it with a sprinkle of cheese

Next should the creamy all yolk layer.


Top that one with a light sprinkle of cheese.

Then top with the egg white layer.


Serve them up. They are something different and you can customize the eggs as you like. What makes them extra special is that all yolk layer. It so creamy and rich you will be delighted. Something Forking different I came up with.

Forking Stacked Eggs

Forking Stacked Eggs

This is forking good and that's The Forking Truth

This is forking good and that’s The Forking Truth


Forking Yummy Poblano Potato Salad Recipe

Forking Yummy Poblano Potato Salad

Forking Yummy Poblano Potato Salad

This salad is mostly low fat and made with non fat Greek yogurt and low fat mayo as the base with lots of poblano peppers blended into the creamy base of the salad. I also boiled the potatoes with baking soda to break down the surface of the potatoes so the creamy base absorbs the potatoes and that potato flavor that seems to get concentrated from the baking soda magic. This salad for me came out a little spicy but not too spicy. The poblanos I used had a nice fruity flavor to them with only mild/medium heat so you might have to make adjustments to your liking because of your taste and the heat level of your chilies.

Ingredients makes about 8 servings

2 lbs. potatoes pealed and cut about in half

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 Tablespoon kosher salt

fresh ground sea salt

fresh ground black pepper

6 small/medium sized poblano peppers (roasted, seeded and stem removed chopped small) (5 get blended into dressing for salad save one for adding with potatoes because this salad is about the poblanos) (I do note my poblanos were on the mild side and were small sized so if yours have more heat you might want to add them one at a time till your liking0

1 jalapeno chopped fine

1/2 c. low fat mayonnaise

1/2 c. non fat Greek yogurt

1 teaspoon garlic confit or fresh roasted garlic

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1/4 c. lime juice (fresh squeezed)

1/2 c scallion whites chopped

1/2 c. scallion greens chopped

1/2 c. extra sharp aged cheddar cheese shredded

1/2 large red bell pepper chopped small


To a large sauce pot add chilled water a little more than half way up. Add baking soda, one T. salt and your potatoes. Bring to boil and cook till fork tender with very soft ends. (about 15 minutes)


Drain potatoes in a colander and place back in your pot so you don’t have to clean another forking bowl.  Add poblano pepper, scallion whites, cheddar and red bell pepper. Set to side.


Blend your poblano peppers (all but one), jalapeño, mayonnaise, yogurt, garlic,1/2 t. black pepper,1 t.  salt, lime juice, together till smooth.


Add to potatoes and mix gently. Top with scallion greens.


Serve either warm or chilled.

Forking Yummy Poblano Potato Salad Recipe

Forking Yummy Poblano Potato Salad Recipe

For a delicious South West Style variation just add some Fresh Charred Corn, avocado and cilantro I think would be delicious!

It's Forking Great and that's The Forking Truth

It’s Forking Great and that’s The Forking Truth



Sometimes You Just Forking Want to “Kick” the Cook


I went into possibly the most forking adorable looking restaurant in Glendale AZ. I saw old fashioned cabinets stuffed with all kinds of antiques  and nick knacks. Lots of baskets and cute serving ware everywhere. This place even has a spacious dog friendly patio with a DOGGY Dining Menu. I was hoping that this restaurant would be my new favorite spot.

They started us off with fresh hot from the oven mini muffins. It was really forking nice that the muffins were hot and fresh but they just tasted like two flavors of cheap box mix. I thought one flavor might be corn bread but it was vanilla cake with added chocolate chips and the other was spiced muffins with too many added spices. I have no idea what the forking butter was for.

Kiss the Cook Restaurant Glendale AZ

Kiss the Cook Restaurant Glendale AZ

While we were waiting for our order I saw a busboy cleaning up a used table next to us. He only wiped down the half of the table where people were sitting and the other forking half didn’t get wiped. I hope nobody forking sneezed on that half because it didn’t get wiped.

Soon my cajun chicken caesar salad arrives.

Kiss The Cook Restaurant Glendale AZ

Kiss The Cook Restaurant Glendale AZ

The Greens were fresh and crisp and the garlic parmesan bread stick that was suppose to come with my salad looked a lot more like forking toast than a bread stick. I tasted the chicken and it taste very salty and over marinated like processed chicken you might taste at a Costco demo demonstration. The forking chicken might have been teriyaki flavored and topped with too much forking salt. The taste of the chicken with the salad upset my forking stomach. I think the toasted cheesy toast was suppose to be a forking grilled cheese sandwich that the cook screwed up and just tossed on my plate. It was crispy grilled cheese and actually tasted pretty forking good. It was the one thing we tried at this place that was good. They should put crispy grilled cheese on the menu. I had to share the crispy cheese bread with my husband because he encountered some forking issues with his meal.

My husband went with the breakfast special.

Kiss The Cook Glendale AZ

Kiss The Cook Glendale AZ

His plate came out missing the tomatoes and green onions the waiter promised so I don’t know if the waiter screwed up or the cook just didn’t forking feel like adding them. The poached eggs were fine but they were on top of pork that lacked flavor and seasoning. Under the pork were soggy muffins that might have been tastier if they were forking toasted enough.

Kiss The Cook Glendale AZ

Kiss The Cook Glendale AZ

Lastly the cook forgot to fry the potatoes. It seemed like someone took a baked potato, cut it in chunks and just threw it in the oven. This action made the potatoes very dry like forking chalk. (potatoes are much drier than they appear in the forking photo)

Kiss The Cook Glendale AZ

Kiss The Cook Glendale AZ

This was a forking mediocre meal.

Not Worth a FORK!

Not Worth a FORK!

Sometimes you just forking want to “Kick” the Cook!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth