My Trip to Daawat Biryani House Restaurant of Phoenix AZ


Daawat is a newly opened casual….mostly take out Indian Restaurant in North Phoenix AZ. This isn’t a fancy place with wait service. This is a hole in the wall kind of place. Here it’s no frills and you order at the counter and grab your plastic silverware and wait for your meal served on the finest styrofoam. Daawat serves a variety of styles of Indian Foods…..North Traditional Moghali, South Hyderabadi, Indo-Chinese and on the menu they say THEY Serve the Best Dhum Biryani in the Valley! The menu is interesting but lacks descriptions. Daawat offers some hard to find items that are not offered at some of the other Indian Restaurants in this area. You might need your cell phone to google some of the menu.

We started with Cut Mirch –  toasted garbanzo bean battered spicy pepper fritters. The peppers were served with a cooling sauces of tamarind and a cilantro mint sauce.

The Cut Mirch were tasty with a nice crunch and seemed oil free but were extremely fiery with heat. I’d say they were next to “Thai Hot.”  Tamarind sauce added layers of flavors and provided first aid to the heat best for me although the cilantro mint sauce was pleasant with good flavors.

We shared Chicken Vindaloo and the Chicken Dum Biryani.

This is another example of Chicken Biryani I never had before. Maybe the most fragrant and very floral….maybe made with rosewater?…I liked all the exotic flavors….they were very long lasting and refreshing in my mouth.  For me the down side was that the chicken in this dish was over cooked and on the dry side but edible. I didn’t care for the chicken in this dish but, the side tomato gravy was good an also very fragrant with good flavors.

But be on the look out for large inedible objects…….at Daawat.

My husband didn’t care for this dish because they didn’t remove all the spices and he came across cinnamon bark and accidentally ate a whole cardamon pod….

The chicken in the Vindaloo was moist, fresh and flavorful. The chili element was forgotten in this Vindaloo because it lacked any heat and tasted more like Chicken Masala…….I think they accidentally served us Chicken Masala…In that case it was a more Flavorful Layered Chicken Masala than I tried from some other places.

Portions were large and pieces are low. Menu is priced from $2.99- $10.99

For more information please visit

Newly opened restaurant so it’s too new to rate.

The Forking Truth is that EVERYTHING is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth

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