Pho Hoang Duc Restaurant of Phoenix AZ is Worth a Fork


Pho Hoang Duc is a small family owned and operated Vietnamese Restaurant that specializes in Hanoi  and North Vietnamese Cuisine. This isn’t a fancy restaurant but it looks cheerful and the family that works there is very attentive and welcoming to all their guest.

We started with Goi Cuon Chay.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

The Vegetarian Spring Rolls contained a type of shattering crisp -what-seemed-like oil free Tofu I never had before. Herbs brightened up the rice noodle and vegetables and a tasty peanut based sauce came of the side.

For my meal I had the Bun Cha Ca La Vong. The National Dish of Hanoi.

Hanoi Turmeric Fish with Dill

I’ve had this dish before but only the more Americanized version. Here it differed some and the owner showed me the correct way to eat it.

You start by tearing the leaves and minty herbs and place them in the bowl. Add some noodles. Get some fish and dip it in the fish sauce and lastly sprinkle on some peanuts. Repeat till full or done.

It really was wonderful and was full of great flavors and textures. The fish was mild and meaty, very flavorful with exotic flavors and fried tasty with caramelization. Also enjoyed the lettuce and minty herbs against the careful touch of turmeric , dill and onions was really interesting and delicious.

My husband had the Bun Bo Hue Hoang Duc.

Hoang Duc Spicy Beef and Pork Noodle Soup

My husband gets this dish at every Vietnamese Restaurant we go to…The Hoang Duc Noodle soup is unique. We husband squealed, “spaghetti” but I believe these noodles are what is known as “soba.” Different Beef and Pork parts including some sort of pork roll float in the developed soup and interesting minty herbs, bean sprouts, cabbage and lemon is served on the side.

I noticed this restaurant also sells Banh Mi Sandwiches for only $2.95 each! (at the time of this review…so subject to change) So I had to bring one home for latter.

Vietnamese Chicken Baguette

This Banh Mi was WILDY Flavorful….

First of all the Baguette has this very appealing aroma of delicious bread. The exterior was more crusty than crisp but the interior is soft. This sandwich is dressed with a generous amount of mayonnaise and contains other sauces like a sort of sweet barbecue and a hot chili sauce. The chicken was fried and seems like it was marinated because it’s full of flavors but has an unusual moist but chewy texture. Something like the way wing meat can be. The sandwich is also stuffed with the usual pickled carrot and radish salad with cucumber and cilantro.

I thought it was pretty darn special to try an Authentic Version of Hanoi Turmeric Fish with Dill. I can’t help to wonder why many of the other Vietnamese Restaurants I’ve been to don’t offer this dish…?

At the time of my visit I don’t think anything on the menu was over $7.95 on the menu.

Prices are very low.

This restaurant packs a lot of bang for your buck and I’d say Pho Hoang Duc Restaurant in Phoenix AZ is Work a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

The Forking Truth is that EVERYTHING is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth




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