My Forking Thoughts on New Caramel M&M’s Candy


There is a new flavor of M&M’s out there and it’s Caramel.  I’ve found the package in the share size that is 2 or more servings.

I start by opening the package and taking a whiff. It smells just like a typical chocolate candy bar that contains caramel.

I open the bag and I see that the M&M’s are irregular in shape and size. They come in the normal M&M’s colors of Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown, Green and Blue.

I bit into one M&M. It’s very chewy. The M&M has lots of chewy caramel in it.

The Caramel taste similar to the caramel in Twix Candy Bars but I don’t recall that caramel this chewy.

It’s a good taste but a little too chewy for me.

New Caramel M&M’s…not bad! Taste good but too chewy for me but worth a Fork if you like very chewy caramel.

The Forking Truth is that your opinion may differ.

The Forking Truth

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