Rocket Burger Phoenix AZ is where you Eat Like a Local


Rocket Burger and Subs Phoenix AZ

Rocket Burger isn’t a fancy place. This is the kind of place that you visit if you live nearby for the tasty low priced better and more DELICIOUS than fast food kind of place. This is almost fast food but different…… almost fast …you wait a few minutes…  with quality and value pricing. Fast Food but ELEVATED. The food is never from frozen and is made fresh to order……. Breaded things are hand breaded to order.  Another thing that they do different are the delicious house made sauces that make simple food taste special. I wouldn’t say they offer the absolute best burgers in Metro Phoenix but the burgers are certainly scrumptious and tasty and maybe the most delicious out there for the price point.

Most likely you will order one of the many varieties of burgers they offer. You will get fresh hand patted angus burgers that are thin. You have your choice of single, double or rocket sized. Just  order at the counter and try a Sandwich, a Burger, Hot Dog, some sides and a SODA. Then you seat yourself and look at the wall of sodas till your food arrives.

Did I tell you they offer sodas?

They offer Craft Sodas on tap –  Snozzberry, Shirley Temple, Root-beer, Ginger-Beer, Cola and Black Cherry.

Then there is the great wall of maybe a thousand sodas. Maybe every Root Beer made in America is there ?????????   The flavors are endless. I always see something I never have seen  before. Once you finely decide on your soda you can have it transformed into a float if your appetite can handle it.

Between the two of us we haven’t tried everything Rocket Burger offers yet but we have made a dent in the menu.

Double Bacon Burger with Cheese

New York Burger with Pastrami, thin cut fresh made coleslaw and that tasty Rocket Sauce.

Corn Meal Crusted Onion Rings

You can order a Chicken Salad…..but I wouldn’t say it’s a light healthy meal here….

Fried Zucchini

Double Cheese Burger with a Fried Green Chili

At the moment this is my favorite Sandwich at Rocket Burger.

The Pescado de Cohete. It a hand cornmeal crusted fish (not sure but taste like swai to me) topped with spicy Mexican Slaw and Pico de gallo. The bun is big, really fresh tasting and buttery. I normally don’t like swai…but with that delicious slaw they make….. even an old shoe would taste good. The slaw is sort of fruity and spicy. It just taste great all together.

You just might have a blast at Rocket Burger!

It’s the kind of place where you eat like a local. It’s the place we know about and go to.

As you know..everything is subject to change and your experience may…or may NOT differ.

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