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MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company is a fast/casual concept that recently opened in the Desert Ridge Marketplace in Phoenix AZ. They offer authentic Neapolitan Style Pizzas, appetizers, burrata, salads, desserts, coffee, tea, beer, wine and some Italian pantry goods in a fast casual modern open and airy environment.

The pizzas are light and thin made from Neapolitan double zero flour, water, sea salt and yeast and then cooked in a 900 degree oven imported from Italy. They offer a menu of pizzas but also offer about 38 topping options with most priced at only $1.00 each.

It’s the casual order at the counter and pay at the register pick up a number and seat yourself kind of place. They offer a pizza condiment bar stocked with fresh basil, hot chili oil and some other condiments.

Your neighbor becomes your new best friend because the seating is very crowded.

We started out by sharing a Walnut and Gorgonzola Salad.

Gosh it was delicious! We received a heaping bowl filled with fresh greens, peppery arugula, sweet grape tomatoes, lots of tasty parmesan, yummy chunks of gorgonzola with delicious reduced balsamic dressing. This salad was bomb and I think it might be among the salads I’ve tried for it’s price range. ($8.50)

I tried the Margherita Pizza.

It a thin and light pizza.

It’s a really good pizza but maybe with an extra pinch of salt in the dough and a little more char on the crust I think we can kick it up a little. Don’t get me wrong it’s a very good and very reasonably priced at only $7.50. Not all but many full service restaurants that serve this kind of pizza charge about twice as much. I do note that the top pizzas of metro Phoenix do offer pizzas with crust that taste more developed, cheeses that are milkier and tomatoes that taste sweeter…..I don’t mean to sound disappointed because I’m not……..(just Forking Truthful)………………….The GOOD news is that this pizza has the edge over other fast/casual pizzas that I’ve tried due to high quality ingredients, taste and options…THAT is a BIG Accomplishment! This pizza is the first to change my mind about fast casual pizza!

My husband tried a Margherita and added half house made sausage and half spicy salami. He said the sausage was good but the hot salami was really GREAT! He loved the hot salami.

MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company is Worth a Fork for Fast Casual Pizza and More!

Worth a Fork! Among the best for fast/casual pizza.


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