My Trip to Mucha Lucha Libre Taco Shop Peoria AZ


The Mucha Lucha Taco Shop is a casual Mexican Fast Food Shop. They differ in quality from the chain fast food shops you might be familiar with because the food is homestyle not chemical laden fast food typical style. The meats all are very flavorful and spicy and are slow braised with chili peppers.  They offer about 18 different fillings that you can have in a street size tacos, regular size grilled tacos, tacodillas, burritos, quesadillas and Mucha More! Then you get to customize your order and the person behind the sneeze shield tops your order with the vegetables, toppings and sauces that you pick. Once you seat yourself you might want to kick your meal up a little more with the complimentary salsa bar.

I picked the Three Taco Plate $7.25 The taco meat and tortillas are heated up on a flat top grill for you. The tortillas get crisped up a bit. They offer you rice and beans to add to your tacos here. Then you walk down the line with the person preparing your food and you get to add on all the toppings you like.

I picked a Chicken Tinga Taco, Red Chicken and Vinaigrette Chicken Tacos. All the chicken meat is flavorful and spicy. My favorite Chicken Taco is the one with that isn’t red or orange. I think it’s the Vinaigrette Chicken.  It has a nice balance of flavors that include chili, garlic, onion and taste like chicken. To me it’s the most delicious. I skipped the beans and wasn’t wild about the taste of the rice on the taco and I think next time I’d ask for the rice and beans on the side.  My least favorite taco is the one that’s very heavy with chipotle and too much smoke for me….but I note that I like less smoke in my food than most people so it might be great to you but it’s too heavy with smoke for me. My husband didn’t have any problems taking that last taco off my hands.

He picked the 5 Street Taco Sized Tacos. $7.25 They are double shelled small tacos with filling and all the toppings you desire.

I don’t know what he picked but I know he picked 5 different varieties of beef and pork. He enjoyed them all and said that we should come here more often. He also added that all that he tried was also very flavorful and all were spicy!

I would recommend Mucha Lucha Taco Shop over Most of the Mexican Fast Food Chains Out There!

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