My Trip to Gordon Ramsey’s Fish & Chips Restaurant Las Vegas NV


Gordon Ramsey’s Fish & Chips is located on the Las Vegas Strip by the Link Hotel/Casino. This is a small fast food restaurant that offers a very limited menu of battered Fish, Chicken or Sausage, a variety of chips and several dipping sauces and a few other items.

You order and pay at the counter. Get your beverage and wait for your number. Seating is very limited with only three tables inside and some counter chairs so you might have to sit outside somewhere.

Soon we get our Fish & Chips.

The Fish is hot and fresh. The batter is thin but very light and crispy. Fries seem like fresh hand cut and very soft but didn’t turn soggy. You can pick up malt vinegar but you also get two dipping sauces. My favorite sauce for the fish was the Gordon Ramsey’s Tarter Sauce. It was an extra delicious kind of creamy base with a perfect balance of dill, lemon and other delicious spices. I also really enjoyed the Curry Mango Sauce and the Sriracha Mayonnaise but for my taste they overpowered the tasty fish. I sure didn’t mind poking a few fries in those sauces for fun!

I wouldn’t mind if Gordon Ramsey opens some of his Fast Food Fish & Chips Restaurants in Phoenix.

ATM & FYI -Gordon Ramsey offers Fish at Chips at three of his restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip.

Gordon Ramsey Steak House – $45.00 – Loup de Mer, Truffle Chips, Creme Fraiche Tarter Sauce

Gordon Ramsey Pub – $30.00 – Yorkshire Ale Battered Cod with Tarter and Mushy Peas

Gordon Ramsey Fish & Chips – Cod , Chips and Choice of two sauces & Beverage $14.99

Soon to Open – (don’t know if Fish and Chips will be on menu?) Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen

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2 thoughts on “My Trip to Gordon Ramsey’s Fish & Chips Restaurant Las Vegas NV

  1. Brian

    Always enjoy your food reviews! I had also hit up GR’s Fish & Chips up in Vegas last year. Locally, check out the fish and chips at Pedal Haus Brewery in downtown Tempe (Mill Avenue). I’ve been really impressed with theirs of late (and their shishito peppers, too). Also, great tartar sauce, too.

    1. Laura A. Post author

      Thank You for your interest Brian! Also thanks for the tip about Pedal Haus Brewery. I saw them on TV and it looks like a fun place. I’ll have to check it out when I can. Take Care, Laura


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