Most Memorable Food served to me In Metro Phoenix 2017


Memorable is something that’s not forgettable. It’s something that you think about from time to time. It’s been a tradition here on The Forking Truth to do Memorable Food Lists…..I’ve been doing them since 2014. Here is a list in no particular order of the most memorable foods I tried in Metro Phoenix in 2017…….Above was an individual Chicago Pizza I tried from a restaurant on the West Side. I hated the hard as a rock, inedible burnt crust and it was filled with so much cheese I actually felt sick from it. I know not all chicago style pizzas are like this one but I can’t stomach trying another Chicago Style Pizza for maybe another year yet.

On my first visit to Mora in Phoenix the Gnudi and the Sea Bream were Amazing. They were very memorable. The Gnudi were light as air and melted in the mouth. The fish (sea bream) tasted like it was just caught.

I’m not much of a wings person…but the Crispy Wings from Great Wall in Phoenix were quite good and very crispy!

Oh this was a bad memory…….They gave me a very large portion of steak that didn’t taste great and was chewy with a weird slimy sauce.  I remember some things on my plate tasted sour. I thought this food could also make my dogs sick. I ate the potato cakes and the tortillas. The waitress wasn’t even surprised that I didn’t want to take the meat home. This restaurant is located right by or in Carefree.

Chicken Rice Bowl

This Saffron Chicken and Rice Bowl from Saffron Jak in Phoenix was Delicious! It was different…extra tasty with tahini under the chicken.

This Pizza was from Lamp Pizza in North Scottsdale was maybe the best pizza I had this whole year. The crust and very flavorful toppings were really great and this pizza had THE PERFECT CHAR….char is delicious until it taste burnt…This was really great char. Really great flavors here…This pizza was memorable and delicious!

This pasta was served to me at Bottega Pizzeria Ristorante in Glendale. Absolutely perfect in a delicious perfect sauce.

Corned Beef and Cabbage Pierogis from The Twisted Italian in Peoria are memorable! Have you ever had corned beef and cabbage pirogies before? I don’t think I’ll ever forget corned beef and cabbage pierogis.

The Fiery Hot Catfish was something to reckon with from Original Cuisine in Mesa. I usually don’t care for the muddy taste and slightly jelled texture catfish has sometimes. In the right hands and with enough spices and heat Catfish can be Forking Delicious! I piece I pulled off was almost like eating super spicy fried chicken. Also at Original Cuisine they made these little Rice Dumplings with a RICH sweet sesame filling that were so new and different to me…They also seemed like a tahini treat to me.

I had a Smoked Brisket Sandwich with Asian Slaw from Ocotillo in Phoenix. It might have been the most delicious sandwich I had this year.

My pictures and words could never do the Tomato Dinner from Cafe Bink in Carefree AZ Justice.  It was the most incredible dinner I had in Metro Phoenix this year.

The Tuna Lollipops from Nona Cafe in Old Town Scottsdale were truly amazing. If you see them on the menu you must get them.

The food from this particular restaurant in Phoenix is good but this Apple Pie they serve here SHOCKINGLY FORKING AWFUL. It’s not sweet. It lacks spice. The apples are hard. The dough taste raw and the ice cream taste like some sort of government surplus budget confection. I think a pie from the .99 cent shop would taste a whole hell of a lot better than this pie.

This Tuna Sandwich is from Stock and Stable in Phoenix. It’s only a simple tuna sandwich but it surprisingly taste elevated. It was very good!

This restaurant in Phoenix served me a very large grilled Chicken Sandwich on a delicious fresh baked bun. They also made with an enormous side of slaw. This sandwich would have been two meals if the chicken wasn’t like just like chewing on a steel belted tire. So it wasn’t even one meal.

Crispy Eggplant from Cafe Bink

Would like to enjoy the Crispy Eggplant from Cafe Bink again!

$13.99 Salad from a Mexican Restaurant in Phoenix AZ

This was one of the most uninspired things I ever had anywhere. The chips and salsas were even worst. This is what nightmares are made of. Instead of me paying for this salad…This restaurant should have Forking PAID ME to eat it.

The sandwiches from Pasto di Forno in Scottsdale are made on unusually great house made bread. They are very memorable. The Bread is so FORKING GOOD! Everything was really good actually.

The wine, the bread, the food the dessert were all AMAZING from Christopher’s in Phoenix. Up there for one of the best dinners I had this year. Everything was perfect and mouth watering. It’s always a joy to experience really perfect food.

Zabari Mediterranean in Phoenix was the best overall Mediterranean Restaurant I’ve been to this year. The Chicken Shawarma is to die for as well as the Tomato Salad and outstanding falafels.

The Food was really great from Mowry & Cotton in a Scottsdale Resort but it was this incredible Dessert that was the most memorable. Look at the apple…It’s Ice Cream!

The Barrio Gran Reserva was pretty darn Forking Amazing. Tried many things I never had before that were all delicious and had no idea some sort of smoked yam could be amazing! This was really very special!

This should have been a good memory but sadly it’s just another nightmare. I hit this restaurant in Scottsdale when they were in-between chefs. I can only imagine they let the dishwasher take a swing at cooking this night. I got crappy fishy tasting fish topped with sour tomato paste and surrounded with yellow splats that resemble vomit and gooey pierogis that didn’t taste right. I know they got a new chef since but I’m still frightened to try them again.

The Spinach Raviolis in Walnut Sauce and the Strawberry Gelato are PHENOMENAL  from Fabio on Fire in Peoria AZ.

So Happy that Nagoya Sushi opened on the West Side (Peoria). They serve the best tasting sushi on the west side. The sushi is very good here. You sure won’t find better tasting spicy tuna rolls ANYWHERE!


Spiciest thing I ate this year came from Famous 48 in Old Town Scottsdale. The Nashville Style Hot Chicken Sandwich is FORKING HOT!

FnB makes the most incredibly crafted vegetable plates I ever had. The plate on the left is a Hungarian fried bread topped with garlic aioli, potato chips radishes and cured egg. The plate on the right is Butterkin Squash in a sort of mole made with pumpkin and sesame seeds and topped with quinoa.

I went to this small little hole in the wall kind of restaurant that has a 5 STAR rating on a popular review site. Maybe my expectations were too high ?…..263 reviews a 5 star rating and this was the Cole Slaw from this restaurant.

Isn’t this strange? It Forking Looks like a Big Frog Threw up on my Cole Slaw. I don’t think I’ll forget it anytime soon. The rest of the food was another story you might hear latter.

That was the most memorable food from Metro Phoenix that was served to me in 2017. Happy New Year and Take Care. I don’t know WTFork will be served to me next year!

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