My Forking Thoughts on Caramelized Creme Hershey’s Gold Peanuts & Pretzels Bar


It’s some sort of big deal that Hershey’s candy company created a new candy bar that doesn’t contain chocolate. The new bar is called Caramelized Creme Hershey’s Gold Peanuts and Pretzels. I think it sounds good. I feel I need to try it.

I open the package and it looks like no other candy bar I ever have seen before. Different size butterscotch colored pips that interlock like flooring. I take a whiff. It smells like peanut butter. The bar smells very appetizing.

I let one pip slowly melt in my mouth.

I don’t really get the caramelized cream. I guess the caramelized creme is the white chocolate Easter Bunny taste.

It’s very sweet but very peanut-ee.

I think it taste like Reeses Cup Peanut Butter filling that collided with a white chocolate Easter Bunny……But at the end of this all melting in my mouth I got a weird collection of grainy mess in my mouth. I pull the grains out and I can see They didn’t actually put pretzels in the bar. I got pretzel dust with lots of salt and Peanut dust……did I say lots of salt? I don’t like the grainy mess of the peanut dust and pretzel dust. It’s kind of like the bottom of the pretzel bag and bottom of the peanut jar stuff that you throw away……mixed with a white Easter bunny and a Reese’s middle.

The Hershey’s Gold is slightly too sweet for me and too salty….I’m a sweets fan….I do really love sweets. I do love me some frosting now and then.

I KNOW the bar would be so much better if it had small peices of pretzels instead of that bottom of the pretzel bag or pretzel box (Bachman’s) stuff. I also would like the peanuts to be either all smooth or chunkier instead of the bottom of the peanut jar stuff.

This bar sort of depresses me. Of course I DON’T KNOW how it was made but I think it’s made from leftovers. Leftover white Easter Bunny trash, Pretzel and Peanut Trash and some sort of Reeese’s leftover Trash.

Those are my Forking Thoughts on the New Hershey’s Gold Bar and I do note that YOUR THOUGHTS on the Hershey’s Gold Bar may Differ!

I note I don’t know How THE FORK the Hershey’s Gold Bar was made. Maybe they meant it to be this way?

The Forking Truth

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