I Wonder WTFork! Happened to Russian Dressing?


I ordered a Reuben at a local restaurant and I noticed they didn’t dress my rueben with the traditional Russian Dressing. Instead they used a thousand Island Dressing……. Reuben sandwiches are supposed to be dressed with Russian Dressing. It seems that Russian Dressing seems hard to come by these days……I wonder WTFork happened to Russian Dressing?

The two dressings do look similar and do share some similarities  but they do indeed are suppose to differ. In general Russian Dressing is SUPPOSED TO BE a spicier dressing and Thousand Island is SUPPOSED TO BE more on the sweet side. Both Dressings are used for salads but Russian Dressing is better to dress the Reuben Sandwich and the flavors in Thousand Island are better to compliment hamburgers.

Then I wondered…maybe it’s this one restaurant? So I looked at a few other restaurants in town where I can also get a Reuben….and this is what I’ve found.

Nope…it seems nobody in the area puts Russian Dressing on Reubens.

The base of these two dressings are similar…….They both are mayonnaise (or another white base) based and are blended with either ketchup, chili sauce or some sort of tomato…..after that many recipes differ by a ton but basically the rest of Russian Dressing is pimentos, horseradish and chives. The rest of thousand Island is olives, pickles and eggs…and only found from www.Wikipedia.com ┬álemon and orange juice.

I have a few recipes for Russian Dressing and Thousand Island Dressing here that differ.

From www.RecipeCurio.com
Russian & Thousand Island Recipes

Thousand Island and two Russian Dressing Recipes From the Settlement Cookbook

FoodNetwork’s recipe for Russian Dressing

The Professional Chef’s Recipe for Thousand Island Dressing. They didn’t have a recipe for Russian Dressing.

www.epicurious.com Left is Russian Dressing on Right is Low Fat Thousand Island

I Wonder WTFork happened to Russian Dressing?

The Forking Truth







Settlement Cookbook

The Professional Chef Cookbook

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