Starlite BBQ of Scottsdale AZ – Worth a Fork!


Sign isn’t up yet but will be in a few days.

The Starlite BBQ just opened a few days ago in down town Scottsdale AZ. This is a casual BBQ restaurant that offers a menu like no other BBQ place I’ve been too. They offer many interesting appetizers like Grilled Squash with Mole Negro, Sesame and Epazote, Fried Macaroni and Cheese and a Grilled Cauliflower with Green Goddess and Crispy Black Eyed Peas. A wide variety of sandwiches are offered. House Smoked Turkey, A Burger, Smoked Grilled Meatloaf, Pork, Fried Chicken (reg or HOT), Brisket and Fried Green Tomato. Of course they also offer Traditional BBQ plates and a Crispy Grilled Fish for Two! Some of these BBQ plates come in two sizes regular size and a larger size. For me what was special was the all the sides I tried were delicious as well as the BBQ I tried.

Starlite BBQ is a smaller sized casual restaurant. They have three community tables on the Ocotillo lined patio that seat up to twelve people each. Inside seating is either at the bar on one half of the room or the high top tables on the side.

It killed me not to order an appetizer since so many sounded delicious to me. I will have to try one or two next time……This time we shared two BBQ plates and three full sized sides. (and yes we had yummy extras to bring home)

We shared the smaller brisket. My server said this was about an 8 oz size.

The Brisket was out of this world delicious! It was SUCCULENT with a thoughtful amount of smoke. I really enjoyed the caramelized ends and for me it was sauced just right. I also thought the pickled onions was an amazing touch. The onions seem to magically lighten the meat up. I didn’t use the mustard but I did taste it and was great. I wish I scraped it out and brought it home.

We also shared the Hot Fried Chicken.

We received a Big Chicken Breast and a whole leg that were CRUSTED with a HOT Sauce. I will tell you The Forking Truth…like I always do…….The Chicken was Mighty Scrumptious and delightfully HOT but it was served not hot enough today in temperature and was almost cold.  I made sure we told them about it. So we just have to chalk this one up to being an opening hiccup…….(only hiccup I came across) The crisp pickles and that really yummy whole grain mustard were a nice touch…..

Now the sides come in two sizes and I tried were -either vegan or vegetarian bbq beans, v- braised greens, tomatoes and macaroni and cheese. I thought it was thoughtful that they offered mostly vegetarian sides at a BBQ place. I really liked that because when I eat meat I don’t like meat in my side dishes.

Wow the BBQ beans are really good…they are spiced nicely with a small amount of heat and are a little sweet. The Braised Greens have some punch are a lighter vegetable with sweet tomatoes. The macaroni and cheese is very creamy and taste like melted American Cheese on good pasta that isn’t mushy with a top that is nice and crispy!  These sides made me happy because I like to enjoy other food besides the meat when I eat BBQ and these sides were the best I’ve had at the different BBQ places I tried. I also enjoyed all the nice little touches like the pickled onions, pickles and whole grain mustard.

Wow overall this was Great! Looking forward to try other things too!

Starlite BBQ Just Opened and seems to be already – Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork! Just opened….already pretty Forking Great!

Every FORKING thing is subject to change and YOUR experience may or may NOT differ.

The Forking Truth


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