The Forking Search for Natural Flavored Spearmint Leaves Candy for my Dog


A childhood favorite candy of mine was spearmint leaves. They are leaf shaped gel like candies with a refreshing spearmint flavor. They are lightly coated in crunchy sugar and the gel candy doesn’t seem too sweet, it’s minty refreshing. I remember they were my candy of choice for when I went out to the movies. Each leaf could last a very long time and they seemed the most satisfying out of the candy choices to eat during a movie for me because they didn’t give you that sugar sickness feeling like the chocolate coated mints do when you ate a bunch of them. You could also eat them real slow because they didn’t forking melt.The spearmint leaves came in a white box with pretty spearmint leaves on it and if I remember correctly the spearmint leaves were made by the leaf candy company but many other companies today still make spearmint leaves. They just aren’t all naturally flavored these forking days.

Then one day fourteen years ago we brought home this forking adorable puppy from the S.P.C.A.


This special puppy one day chewed threw my purse to get to my mint gum and I found him siting there just chewing my gum. (of course I forking removed the gum from his mouth)


A short time latter I kissed him goodbye as I was leaving to go to work and faster than lightening he stole a mint from my mouth with out me feeling a thing with his quick tongue. Another time after that as I was getting a mint from the cabinet the puppy would bark at me for a mint. After that after breakfast almost every day he’d walk over to the cabinet and bark at the cabinet until someone would give him a mint.

He is grown up and OLD now but is still a dog that is addicted to mints. Often he sits with me while I brush my forking teeth with minty tooth paste.

Addicted to MINTS!

Addicted to MINTS!

You can only give a very small amount of only certain mints to a large dog safely. So I’d only pinch off a small amount of spearmint leaves for my dog. (just so you know most mints and gums today have chemicals in them that are LETHAL and FATAL to dogs) Spearmint leaves are mostly natural. They are only made with corn syrup, cornstarch, artificial coloring and ¬†natural spearmint oil. ¬†(unless you buy the forking ones from Walgreen’s that are made with artificial flavors).

When I moved to Arizona I found out that it was very difficult to purchase spearmint leaves here. Back east every supermarket and candy store all sold spearmint leaves.

Fry’s, Safeway and Walmart all don’t sell spearmint leaves in my area. Years back I also looked for the spearmint leaves at Albertson’s, Bashas, AJ’s and also Target and haven’t found them at those places either.

Walgreen’s does sell the lower end spearmint leaves but they are the ones with artificial flavor that don’t taste so good.

For a while the only place I could find natural spearmint leaves were at Sprouts.


The Sprouts in my location currently is either out of them or forking stopped selling them to I had to order spearmint leaves on the internet for my dog. If I suddenly stopped giving my 14 year old dog a mint I don’t know what the fork would happen….I think it would be like trying to Forking fry water…….It’s something that can’t be done…..after all you know my dog is really a human trapped in a dog’s body ……So I let my fingers do the forking walking on the internet and I found the mints there so I had to purchase the spearmint leaves that forking way.


That was my forking search for spearmint leaves around Phoenix Arizona.

As a slight update 8-26-15 I wrote this artical May 25th 2015 and three months latter 8-25 -2015 to the day I found that Natural Spearmint Leaves are now being sold at Walgreens with different packaging and Spearmint Leaves have also returned to Sprouts Grocery Store.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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